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  • Printer Problem Solved

    I have spent 3 weeks on this problem. Hopefully this post will help someone else.

    I use 2 USB printers on the same computer. An HP Inkjet 6540 and an HP Laserjet 1022. I print odd sizes of paper. Print instruction to each printer have to be different since One printer prints from the side and the other printer prints from the center. I use PB's XPRINT on most of the program but also use Ddoc for legal size paper. My goal is to phase out the Inkjet in favor of the Laserjet. I use the Windows popup Printer Dialog' box to choose which printer to pritn with.

    My problem was with Ddoc and the legal size paper print job. This prints out a payroll summary and can run 5-30 pages. It printed perfectly using the Inkjet. But, with the Laserjet, it would not print. I spent hours going over the code to look for mistakes that would affect the Lazerjet, but to no avail. Finally I tested the program on another computer with only one printer which happened to be a similar HP Laserjet. It printed flawlessly. Then "DEFAULT" printer flashed through my head. Sure enough, changing the Laserjet to the default print in lieu of the inkjet solved the problem.

    Hope this helps someone.