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To Arie Verheul, About : Intelligent search function for WinApi include files - for P

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  • To Arie Verheul, About : Intelligent search function for WinApi include files - for P

    Hi Arie,

    doing things like that in a console screen makes it a bit awkward to
    navigate. I ran into the same thing years ago, and wrote Digit
    in the PB-Windows GUI version. Have a look at it :

    What was the first thing that helped us human beings to develop: TOOLS !!

    Another $ 0.02

    You gotta run, and don't loop back.

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    The scalpel or the Swiss pocket knife ?

    Hi Herman,

    Thank you for your comment.

    I tried your application "Digit", and I will probably use it in the future for certain purposes,
    but it is not exactly what i had in mind. Digit is a general purpose search application.
    I wanted something much more specific, that could show me quickly a neat list of possible
    options asscociated with a given search term, with as few additional instructions as possible.
    Due to this specific approach it is much faster than a general purpose tool, both in terms of
    processing time as in terms of handling time.

    Whether the absence of menus and/or buttons should be considered as a drawback or a bonus is
    in my opinion very much a matter of taste. All those controls take up a lot of screen space
    that otherwise could serve to present output. Personally i am not really addicted to the
    Windows style, and because of its simplicity the console does for me in many cases a good job,
    especially if the application is not intended for a general user, but rather for experts.

    It is not really relevant in this context, but Digit causes for me (under XP) every now and
    then a GPF. It would be useful if you could find out the cause of this.

    Arie Verheul