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  • Error 493

    I am baffled by receiving error 493 message as follows
    Error 493 in (0:000) Compiler file not found/accessible.
    This occurs for all my old (PBCC4) programmes and even with Hello.bas. I have tried reloading, I have downloaded a new copy of PBCC5 and reloaded thaT. I have recently had problems with a tracking cookie which caused hndreds of files to be added to many directories. This was removed and the files deleted.
    The same problem occurs with my old version of PBCC4 but not with the newly installed PBWin 9
    Any suggestions short of a complete reformat of the C drive.

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    Check that pb.exe file is not "blocked" which can occur if the file was downloaded (versus having installed from disk).

    It's also possible you need to do a full scan with a quality anti-virus program.

    Or, your system may not have the correct permissions to access the required folder for some include file.

    Or, your total include path string or one of the individual paths therein is too long, resulting in a search of an invalid directory because one of the entries was truncated when the compiler was executed.

    In any event, you should report this to PB Support, as it is absolutely impossible to accept the error message on its face: you can't say you can't a find an #INCLUDE'd file if you have not yet reached line one of the current source file.
    Michael Mattias
    Tal Systems (retired)
    Port Washington WI USA
    [email protected]