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Debugger should skip comment lines

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    Debugger should skip comment lines

    I wish the debugger would skip comment lines (as it did in PB for DOS). I tend to comment copiously, and it's especially tedious when using the animate feature. Anyone know of a way of getting it to do so?

    Does it behave the same way in the more recent versions
    ? (I am using CC 3.04.)

    Never Mind

    No takers?
    Never mind. I've found a workaround (modifying my placement of comment
    blocks, not modifying the debugger.)
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      Not that there are "no takers", there is no answer. You asked if anyone knew of a way to make the debugger skip over comment lines (presumably as you step through). There is no way that I've ever heard of.

      Well, actually, you could move your mouse cursor (caret) down beyond the comment block to the next line of code, then press CTRL-F8 (run to caret).

      It's not automatic, but if your comments are that extensive, it might save a bit of time...

      Or, set breakpoints beyond your comment blocks, and use F5 to run past the comments.

      Not precisely what you were looking for.
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        But it is kinda strange, isn't it? A debugger which insists on inserting breakpoints after every comment line (even in multiline comments, like function descriptions) rather than just after lines of (executable) code. I say "executable", because a great advantage would be gained if the debugger also refrained from putting breakpoints in sections which are conditionally inactive, through the use of metastatements.

        I suppose the #DEBUG CODE OFF and #DEBUG CODE ON might help mark up the sourcecode to step over extensive comment blocks?


        Andrew Parker.