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Problem w/PBCC5

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  • Problem w/PBCC5

    I'm using XP PRO SP2. When I click on the console system button I receive a message that windoz cannot shut down the program. This does not happen with PBCC4. Has anyone else experienced this?
    Walt Decker

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    Read all about it...


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        Thank you, Bob.

        However, I've run into another problem. With PBCC4 in DEBUG mode the debug window used to remain active when in "run" mode. That is not the case with PBCC5. Is there a way to keep the debug window active so that the program can be stopped at any point regardless of whether there is an error?
        Walt Decker


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          We did that to vastly speed up debug execution over large sections of code without breaks. If you must have a break from the keyboard, just GOTO Window/Options/Compiler and click "Break on error". That forces the debugger to stop and check on every line of code.


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            Thanks, Bob.

            I did that but then it breaks on every error regardless of whether there is an error trap. Oh well, with all the nifty things in the PB products, I can live with that.

            Thanks again for the info and the fine products you produce.
            Walt Decker


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              Thanks for that info Bob. You can disregard the e-mail I sent to support concerning this matter.
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                More programmer control over this kind of thing: SetConsoleCtrlHandler() WinApi function.

                I know there are examples here.
                Michael Mattias
                Tal Systems (retired)
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