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How build an RDP Session Launcher for auto logon.

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  • How build an RDP Session Launcher for auto logon.


    Since MS stopped using passwords in RDP files I have been using a command line RDP Launcher like LaunchRDP.exe or AutoRP.exe which allows you to specify the user name and password for automatic logon to Terminal Services. I need to create such a program with more options so I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find the information about how to launch an RDP session using the WIN API and where I could find out how to supply the user name and password. There must be some documentation about this but I have not found it yet. Any help would be appreciated. I was planning on building my own launcher using PB.


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    Have you seen:

    Also Palantir project on CodePlex

    Not sure how much you can glean from it... or perhaps it will suffix and you can work on something else

    I just gave the "Multi Remote Desktop Client" a quick whirl. Not bad. A few things needed as mentioned in the comments there.

    Edit: Well now I see you want to create a console app! Sorry about the not so on topic reply then.
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