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  • SmartAlphaSort

    Hi everybody,

    I have just posted my new code in the Programming Forum for those interested in new algorithm.
    It is a completely new way of sorting strings.
    There is no trashing around with millions of strings as I simply read the data in numeric arrays using the Asc value of each characters and use my algorithm to predict where each byte must go to be in sorted order.
    I could use all 256 Asc codes if needed and Ram permitting.
    The final array is computed from scratch with my math formula.
    It is like being beamed in a Start Trek movie where you are supposed to be desintegrated and recreated at the other end.

    The difference in speed with ARRAY SORT grow as the files get bigger.

    The elapsed times are :
    Size       Reading and counting    Actual sorting    Total time    PB Array Sort
    1 million  0.5781                       0.3281              0.9062        1.0156
    2           1.1250                       0.7500              1.8750        2.3281
    4           2.2656                       0.9375              3.2031        5.4531
    8           4.5156                       1.4062              5.9218       12.9842
    16          9.9218                       1.6875            11.6093       30.1875
    As my code is using a lot of memory, the speed will vary a bit each time depending probably upon Windows internal swap files but ARRAY SORT stay about the same.
    But my sort is always faster than PB's
    I have separated the reading and counting part as it would be done when reading the data from the hard disk and the counting will not add much overall time to that process.
    By the way, in the test, ARRAY SORT get to skip that part but in the real world it will have to read the original data too from disk so it would add some more time to that benchmark.

    Feel free to test my code and any comments for improving the process are welcome
    Old QB45 Programmer