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Newbie having trouble writing dates to file

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  • Newbie having trouble writing dates to file

    I am trying to write financial time series data out to a file using the sequential method. I read the data into arrays from another file using a string array to store the dates in mm/dd/ccyy format. I am not trying to do any date arithmetic, just pass the same dates I read in to an output file. Here is the write statement with a loop index of I&. The Dates array is STRING and the Prices array is Extended.

    WRITE #OutputFile&, Dates(I&), Prices(I&, 4)

    Here is a few lines of the output file:

    I need to write the dates out without the quotes as the program that reads this file wants to see for example


    Thanks for any help to what I hope is a simple question. This is my first program attempt, so please assume I don't know anything.

    Mike Begley

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    Use PRINT # (sequential) or PUT$ (binary) to write without quotes | Slam DBMS | PrpT Control | Other Downloads | Contact Me


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      Thank you very much, the Print # statement did the trick. Mike Begley