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  • PBCC Listview SQLite

    Here is the source code

    I could not find an example of something like this in the forums, so I wrote this. Essentially it enables me to write a console application and also use a List View to make selections based upon database queries. The point is to keep the PBCC application uncluttered.

    To make it work you will need - try, and SQLite3.dll from

    In case you don't have the PBWin compiler, I included a zipped dll.
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    I know at least one person is using this code - me. I soon found out that a depth parameter - I mean the Y dimension of the listview dialog in pixels - was an improvement.

    I think it would be better still if the depth thus specified was the maximum depth, and the listview was truncated to avoid white space under the last item.

    Somewhere I saw a post on fitting the listview to the data...


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      Dominique Bodin (posting in the Source Code Forum) said:
      you made an error in the test code :

      the declaration and using of the MyPopupLV() forgot the D parametter !
      Mistake? Me? Surely not!

      OK what I did was to post a new version of the library code. I did not change the PBCC code.

      So this line should be changed:
      l = MyPopupLV("select an animal", 300, 300, byval presults, nrows, ncols, s)
      to something like this:

      l = MyPopupLV("select an animal", 300, 300, 400, byval presults, nrows, ncols, s)
      Thanks for pointing this out.


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        dll updated ?


        when i tested your code, i found it working with the dll posted above, so i think the zip should be updated too . . .

        Thank's for your code



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          Originally posted by Dominique Bodin View Post
          the zip should be updated too . . .
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