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Graphics Screen Smaller than Console - but only on Win10

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  • Graphics Screen Smaller than Console - but only on Win10

    Hi PBCC-ers! glad to see I'm not the only one still using it, and I hope to hear soon about a new version of PBCC.

    My huge aircraft design code is coded in PBCC with Eric's Contools/GFX. It runs great on Win XP and Win7.

    In Win10 the graphics screen winds up about 15% smaller in width and height, with the console background color showing at right and bottom. Worked fine before, and I've tried with EXE compiled on the old XP as well as on the new machine.

    Has anybody run into anything similar, and is there an "oh, do this" sort of thing? I've tried different Compatability modes which don't help. Doing "Disable Display Settings on High DPI settings" makes the graphics window too large relative to the console.

    If anybody wants to ponder this, commands I'm using are:
    ConsoleWindow %WINDOW
    ConsoleWindow %SHOWNORMAL
    lResult& = ConsoleIsFullScreen
    ConsoleInfo(%DESKTOP_WIDTH) and with other options
    ConsoleMetrics(%COL_WIDTH) and with other options
    ConsoleControl %BUFFER_WIDTH, #
    ConsoleControl %BUFFER_HEIGHT, #
    ConsoleStretch 'can't exactly fill screen with integer number of columns
    lResult& = ConsoleGfx(0,0,0,0)
    CALL GETSCREENSCALES(NumCol,NumRow,nXu,nYu,nXp,nYp) seems that nXu and nYu are incorrect here

    If anyone wants to really have a look, I'll clean up and post the whole source code of this part. But I'm hoping this will ring a bell to someone.

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    Originally posted by Daniel Raymer View Post
    If anyone wants to really have a look, I'll clean up and post the whole source code of this part.
    I bet if you tried to make the smallest app which demonstrated the problem, the answer would fall out by the time you finished.


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      Chris - you're probably correct. I was just hoping somebody would say something like, "oh for Win 10 the framistat has to be set to -1 instead of 1."

      I'm already about 40 hours into it, looking for any screen size return that is different from the values in previous Win versions. I'm a bit suspicious that perhaps I've had some coding error all along, like out-of-bounds or divide-by-zero, that had no bad effect in previous Windows versions but is triggering this problem.

      If nobody has a top-level suggestion, I'll try what you suggest as soon as I can find some time. got to make a living, and fixing this isn't paid!

      And, thanks!


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        I don't have W10 so am not familiar with its framistat, but I see from reviews that the console behaves a little differently from previous versions, for example, the maximised console is full screen. Maybe the revised console and GFX tools are not on totally friendly terms? Just a thought.


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          Thought I'd look it up...


          A nonsense word invented by a radio comedian of the 1940s, meaning a (usually technical) part of some machine or device that he didn't really understand or know the proper name for.

          ... .... . ... . . ... ... .... . .. ... .... .. ... .... .. .... ..

          n6jah @


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            Originally posted by Jim Robinson View Post
            ... a (usually technical) part of some machine or device ...
            Exackly. Ours are mostly on the gleeving area.


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              Yo, Chris...
              I had one of those, once... It rusted...


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                Just a thought - Right click on the left end of the Console Title Bar / Select Properties / Select Options / Check "use legacy console"


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                  I'd suggest clicking the same place as Lee but try changing the font and/or console window size there under "Defaults" or "Properties".