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    Dale #35 - last upgrade I got was cc60603.exe. Is that your latest too?
    No. 60604 Like I said, some confusion. Depends on when you got it.


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      "To every unsung hero in the universe
      To those who roam the skies and those who roam the earth
      To all good men of reason may they never thirst " - from "Heaven Help the Devil" by G. Lightfoot


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        By suspicious, I meant that you might have some corruption in your folder or hard disk, not that you are a criminal. ;-)


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          Dale says there is an update after the last one I seem to have. Does anybody know how I can get cc60604.exe?

          Those were free to paid purchasers like myself, so it wouldn't be criminal - right, Pierre?!
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            Daniel. If I may ask, I'm not quite sure to fully follow you. I still have some trouble with some English language subtleties.
            Can you say precisely say what are your thoughts about this "suspicious" thing.

            From the context of my post, it was clear, at least for me I guess, that I was talking about disk/file corruption.
            Now, is it the same for you or do you see somes sort of software stealing accusation from my part.
            If you really see it that way, just say it, I will simply try not to interfere with your posts in the future.
            If not, then it's always a pleasure to share code with you on this forum.



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              Dale says there is an update after the last one I seem to have. Does anybody know how I can get cc60604.exe?
              No I didn't. See posts 35 and 41 again.

              There may be an upgrade depending on when you got 6.03. And the best that can be had right now will be labeled 6.03. They rolled the number back, see post 35 regarding No errors in 6.03 regarding current problem anyway. No 6.04 available.



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                Hi Dan,

                I've been testing the code that I posted in #15 repeatedly with PBCC603. No problems so far.
                I added your Sub RemoveReadOnly() - still OK..

                Next Check.> Try setting your Antivirus to ignore files in your source folder (or better yet, completely disabled it for a while)? So far It looks a lot like AV interference !

                BTW re post #22
                I see that you can end up with a copy of your .exe file that won't run, if you elect to 'Compile and Debug' and the session is interrupted - eg CCEdit is forced to close.
                If you try to run the .exe from Explorer, Windows shows a standard message box saying that there is a problem and that the program will be closed.

                You can also end up with a copy of the .exe that has an added extension .pbd.(Quite a large file. Has embedded debug code I guess)
                If you rename that file (remove the extra .pbd extension so that it ends with .exe) it will fail to run and Win10 presents a fancy message that "This app can't run on your PC".
                Rgds, Dave


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                  Pierre #45 - From your first post I did think that you were "suspicious" about my installation being pirated, and tried to reassure you that it wasn't so. After you explained that wasn't the case, I thought the misunderstanding was funny. The "right Pierre" comment was supposed to be a joke about our previous misunderstanding

                  I'm not offended in the slightest by anything you've posted. I hope you aren't, too. And PLEASE continue to share code and help me out!


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                    Dale #46 - I saw your comments about numbers but thought that the final word was, V6.04 did exist. Darn.

                    So, the last and latest is called 6.03 but it may be newer than my 6.03?

                    I have cc60603.exe from 1/10/2012, and Help says that I now am running Version 6.03.0102.

                    Is that the latest, do you think?


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                      Dave #47 - good thoughts, I'll pursue them and post results.

                      I use Kaspersky, and am compiling with #DEBUG DISPLAY ON and #DEBUG ERROR ON .


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                        All is clear, I did not catch the funny side, back in business. :-)

                        I remember that Adam did revert to 10.03/6.03 because the source code for x.04 compilers vanished.
                        Maybe you could send an email to PowerBASIC about those wanted x.04 update file,
                        I don't think there is any link to it on the PB site.

                        About the icon. let's say you do a copy of Dan38.ico to Dan38B.ico.
                        As soon as you got the compile error, what will append if you only change Dan38.ico to Dan38B.ico in your source file.

                        If it compile, then Dan38.ico was prisonner of something.
                        If it does not complile, the the icon have nothing to do with the problem I guess.
                        Last edited by Pierre Bellisle; 24 Sep 2017, 10:04 PM.


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                          Hi PBCCers - it's looking like this is a Kaspersky problem. Russian interference......

                          When I have Kaspersky running, in addition to this compilation problem, my program sometimes cannot open or write to its own needed temporary text files. I get a "permission denied" error. I've tried Kaspersky Manage Exclusions and Specify Trusted Applications for the program and the folders holding the files - no luck. Turn off Kaspersky and it works just fine.

                          This just started a few months ago, I think after a Kaspersky update. I've run my program with Kaspersky on my computer for many years without a problem.

                          I posted this as a question at the Kaspersky website forums. Maybe it's just time to throw away the commie coding. Dang - I bought a two year license for 5 computers!