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    I've used PBCC60 to access DLLs before, but I'm having trouble correctly forming a DECLARE to (and/or CALLing) a DLL (Arby.dll).
    I'm told it's a standard DLL (not a COM) written in C or C#. The DLL controls (via TCP/IP) a servo hydraulic loading system
    made by Instron Corp. I was given the following information (for calls using C) for the two key functions I want to use from PBCC60.
    PSTR is presumably pointer to string. IDevice is just 0.

    BOOL WINAPI Arby_SendString(int iDevice, PSTR sCommand)
    // Send a null-terminated string to device
    // Parameters: iDevicedevice index
    // sCommand null-terminated command string
    // Returns: TRUE if successful, FALSE if any type of error

    BOOL WINAPI Arby_QueryString(int iDevice, PSTR sQuery, PSTR sReply, long lRLen)
    // Perform a query: Send query string to device & get a return reply
    // Parameters: iDevice device index
    // sQuery null-terminated query string
    // sReplybuffer for reply
    // lRLenbuffer size
    // Returns: TRUE if successful
    // sReply null-terminated reply

    Focusing on the first (Arby_SendString), I've tried about 30 variations for DECLARE and usage without success.
    An example of the key (but incomplete) code is below.
    I don't get a compiler error; rather the function returns zero, indicating failure.
    Consistent with return value (zero), the command (to change the load) has no effect. The "C3,2,0.1" is the correct command.
    The possible issues I see are:
    1 - the nature of the parameters and return value (BOOL, int and PSTR) which seem clear enough.
    2 - the calling sequence (I've tried CDECL).

    Any ideas what I'm missing? Arby.dll is 1.4 MB, if examining it can clarify the issue.

    DECLARE Function iCmd LIB "Arby.dll" ALIAS "Arby_SendString" (ByVal IDevice As INTEGER, BYVAL sCommand AS STRING POINTER) As BYTE
    GLOBAL A$, C?
    A$="C3,2,0.1"+CHR$(0): C?=7
    C?= iCmd (0, STRPTR(A$))
    IF C?<>1 THEN PRINT"Error from Arby_QSendString when sending "; A$; " Response ="; C?

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    for -
    BOOL WINAPI Arby_SendString(int iDevice, PSTR sCommand)
    try -
    DECLARE Function iCmd LIB "Arby.dll" ALIAS "Arby_SendString" (ByVal IDevice As LONG, BYVAL sCommand AS STRING POINTER) As LONG
    See Help for LONG type for about "int", and Help for BYTE type noting difference between "bool" and "BOOL".