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What is it possible to do with national fonts?

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  • What is it possible to do with national fonts?

    installed PBCC603, and loaded one my old (but very large) program to try to convert it into a windows program. And I saw:

    Click image for larger version

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    Is there a way to fix it (except to rewrite all in latin symbols )?

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    That is an image of IDE window (I presume). Maybe you can copy as text from IDE and paste it here? Then I (or someone faster) can look at the bits in a hex viewer.

    ((Sure it is PBDOS source? Kind-of reminds me of interpreted BASIC compressed code. But that was a long, long, long time ago, and I only saw it by accident.)))


    added - "tokenized" is the word I could not think of when I put "compressed".


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      Another thought. What is the default language of the computer you just put PBCC on?


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        Yes, that's a pbdos source )
        Nothing helped me. I tried also copy&paste and other operations. I was confused that another IDE ( another clone of basic) can display them correctly. However I found one SOLUTION:
        I created a virtual machine with my national Windows (currently my main Windows is English version, where English is default language), then pasted the code of my program into the Word and then pasted the "new" text of the program into IDE PBCC(it was launched there). And it worked!
        Thank you for help!


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          Glad it is fixed. Sounds like my second WAG (maybe EWAG) was closer.
          (EWAG = Educated Wild A__ Guess) ((skip Educated for the other))

          Good luck,


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            But, apparently pbcc603 can't work with some national fonts at all. I have to do constantly copy&paste to display symbols of my native language in PBCC (( Even despite of that fact I'm working already in the Windows of my native language ! I see such a thing first.


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              Can you rework the original code to English and then open it in the IDE. Might save you some time. Just a thought.