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Why I don't use the [CODE], [/CODE] designation

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  • Why I don't use the [CODE], [/CODE] designation

    Hello people of the PBCC post-cards

    Many users that put a reply POST on the Forum pages, give a brief lead in as to what they found, then put the code they think will help, and after the code they add something about why they chose that code to help with that problem... I don't follow that rule... I tell everything up front, leave a couple of lines separation, and then post the code... So everything from the #COMPILE line to the end of the post is code... The person copying it doesn't have to fear some extraneous text in the code and receive an error message when running my posts... If you are skeptical about this statement, try my method once and let your respondents aver if they can run your code...


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    That's fine if you don't use indentation to make your code easier to maintain.

    If it's just a huge monolithic block of GOTOs with every line of code starting in column 1 , I generally don't bother with trying to make sense f it.


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      Structured code is far easier to follow, and the code tags help maintain it so I have to agree with Stuart on this. However, if a programmer doesn't use structured code, then using code tags is moot. Since the forum no longs puts code tagged content into a scrollable text box it wouldn't make any difference.

      I've never had an issue with extraneous content from using code tags so I can't vouch for that aspect.
      Still, the code tags generally mean that whatever is in there is for the computer to figure out, not just forum users looking it over.
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        Izzy. Without using the markers on code.
        A long post of significant code would be really long and your comments maybe be missed.
        And as they said, any formatting would suffer badly due from HTML and porpotional fonts.
        How many people code in a porportional view. I am not sure that I have seen any.
        Yes it takes a small amount of time but the text to add is very short and for just a few lines
        of code. It is not needed but it sure makes code standout from comments and code is
        easy to spot.
        p purvis