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New quick Hardware, debugging not possible

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  • New quick Hardware, debugging not possible

    Happy New Year to, but i'm not sure if it will become reality to me. The reason is:
    I bought a new PC with a quick CPU (Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10700 CPU @ 2.90GHz 2.90 GHz), 32GB RAM and 2 x 500GB SSD. After installing all apps I tested my development environment and got a fright. I'm not able to watch variables any more. It was possible to set a breakpoint before debugging. Then running in debug mode I clicked in the window Variable Watcher. The Variable Evaluator windows opened but when I input the name of a variable in it, Powerbasic crashes and disappeared totaly without any message.
    I tried again and again with new little 'Hello World' code and got the same result. That's frustrating because I fear that Powerbasic will become unusable with modern hardware.
    In the past I was two times forced to transfer some modules of my bill-program to Visual Basic, one module to send bills and bids per mail (tls) and the automatic update-module to download the updates per sftp. So I fear to migrate the whole project to Visual Studio if there will be no update of Powerbasic. Is this the end of Pb?

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    Sounds like it might be a setting or two.
    Assuming Windows 10: Try looking here.
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      Roger - I'm sorry but I can't help you with the PB IDE. I've been using the PB compilers for 20 years now and have never used the IDE so I have no idea about breakpoints or variable watching. I compile everything from the command line...

      But some things that might help others here help you... What version of Windows are you running 7/8/10? 32 or 64 bit? Also have you tried temporarily disabling your AV software and tested it that way?

      "Is this the end of Pb?"...hmmm that's a different sort of question altogether...and one that will likely start a war here in your topic!! lol

      As far as your other statements about things you converted to VB/Visual Studio... You could have created your own calls to the Windows API (way above my own pay grade) or purchased existing commercial libraries that you could call from PB and accomplish all those tasks and many others. SocketTools/Library Edition comes immediately to mind. I've been a happy customer for several years...but that lib ISN'T free.

      PS Your hardware and my hardware are at opposing ends of the spectrum. My dev board is 99 x 74mm (2.9 x 3.9in) Intel(R) Atom(TM) E3826 1.46GHz, 2 GB RAM and 256GB SSD... It started out life as an SBC, but I added a daughter card to add SSD and WiFi. My thought is that if it runs good on this little will run good almost anywhere!!


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        One of the first thing I do on a new machine is exclude my development directories from AV checking. AV software can cause all sorts of strange behaviour by intercepting development software/ compiler activities.


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          I agree with Stuart here, Win10 64 comes with a multitude of crippling and restricting so they can make claims about security but a couple of things, turn UAC off, either configure the built in AV to not interfere with your dev tools OR create an entirely new Win10 profile that does not have this stuff running. If you are patient enough the firewall can be configured to do what you need and with an independent dev profile, you can have proper control of what it does. What I do if I need to check security is download the Kaspersky KVRT.EXE and run it and it is very thorough if there is anything that needs to be removed.
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            Thats really o nice computer.
            There is a very simple solution to this. Use JK-IDE from Jürgen Kühlwein.
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              many thanks for your answers and inspirations.
              I totally forgot to note something about the operationsystem. I bought the system with Windows 10 Build 2010. There was no AV installed.
              I tested the same situation with my new notebook (same CPU) and it works (there was W10 20H2 installed).
              Now I got an update to W10 20H2 at my workstation and the problem disappeared.
              By the way, I am testing the hint from Theo with the jk-ide. A great ide but I have to rise a challenge to work with it after 10 years PB-ide. I will try it because it seems much better. After this great shock I will become calm with the knowledge that I'm will still be able to support my application.