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    Hopefully you are using both suggestions. I gave up trying to control screen sizes years ago.
    Dave's #12 DeleteMenu
    MIchael's #15 SetConsolelCtrlHandler

    Here is more on SetConsoleCtrlHandler
    How long is an idea?


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      Originally posted by Tom Tallardy View Post
      this has to be some goofy Win10 hate for console windows thing.
      if I take out any one of the remmed (') for those lines the compile goes from break off to break on.
      an IF clause in a SUB - not exactly anything that seems terrible suspicious....

      tried con.locate
      tried con.cell
      tried "legacy console" properties
      tried quick edit on/off - and all those 'options' under properties.

      if I compile that snippet alone, no problems.
      now..... LOCATE then PRINT is used a few billions times without issue.
      but not here.

      if I eliminate these lines in the 'finished working code" compiled and behaving with Break on, it still stays break on.
      that leaves the possibility that other code compiled subsequent to this snippet is _also_ causing the problem - however why COLOR or LOCATE causes a problem in the (truncated but compiling) code is a total mystery.
      I'll bet it's not "some goofy WIn 10 " thing.

      Strange behaviour with a simple instruction is almost invariably the result of an untrapped error earlier in your code causing memory corruption
      The problem will probably be in an entirely different part of your code which has been executed earlier but which just manifests itself at this point.

      Your next step is to un-comment this code and start looking for memory corruption resulting from thiings like out of bounds errors/null pointers etc in the code executed before this sub is called.

      Do you have #DEBUG DISPLAY ON and #DEBUG ERROR ON? If not, that's on the first page of Debugging 101.


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        dragged out some old laptops. runs just fine in XP and Win7 - working as designed.
        all the debugs are on and not reporting any errors or complaints.

        altho in theory I don't disagree with your theory, Win10 does indeed have a number of goofy issues with console programs.