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Watch out for Pulldown Menu special characters

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  • Watch out for Pulldown Menu special characters

    You all probably know this, but I just wasted 2 days trying to fix a pulldown menu problem. I finally stumbled onto the fact that a carriage return symbol was hidden in the middle of one of 78 long lines of menu text, which is read in from a text file. Once I got suspicious, I found it by looking for a line that is shorter than it should be when viewed in NotePad. Deleted it, and all was fine.

    It probably snuck in there with some cut&paste, although I don't remember it. Weirdly, that text has been there for many years and worked without a problem up until a week ago.

    I'm using the PowerBasic Console Compiler with the Contools/GFX package. Maybe I'm the last one still using Contools/GFX, but I still love it! Thanks, Eric.

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    in the windows ver 10 i had the same problem so t started using remove$ you can do the same with trim$
    Return a copy of a

    with characters or strings removed.
    Syntax x$ = REMOVE$(MainString, [ANY] MatchString)
    Remarks The REMOVE$ function has the following parts:
    MainString The string expression from which to remove characters.
    MatchString The string expression to remove all occurrences of. If MatchString is not present in MainString, all of MainString is returned intact.

    Purpose Removes leading and trailing characters or substrings.
    Syntax NewString$ = TRIM$(OldString$ [, [ANY] CharsToTrim$])

    NewString$ = TRIM$(NumrExpr [,Digits&])
    Remarks TRIM$ combines the functionality of LTRIM$ and RTRIM$ into a single function. OldString$ is the string expression from which to remove characters, and CharsToTrim$ is the string expression to remove leading and trailing occurrences. If CharsToTrim$ is not specified, TRIM$ removes leading and trailing spaces.