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CONSOLE pseudo-object PBCC60 Help topic.

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  • CONSOLE pseudo-object PBCC60 Help topic.

    (Raised by Walt Calhoon 10 Mar 2021)

    Several Syntax descriptions include Parens() which appear to be optional / not required in source code.

    Examples include:

    CON.COLOR(ForeGround, BackGround [,Count])
    CON.LINE.INPUT(["prompt",] StringVar)
    CON.MOUSE(EventCode, ButtonCode)

    CON.PRINT([ExprList] [SPC(n)] [TAB(n)] [,] [;]...)

    In the case of CON.PRINT, Parens should NOT be used if the final argument of a CON.PRINT method is a semicolon or comma.


    (Derick O'Brien Nov 7th, 2014)

    An Error 477: Syntax Error is reported if the full name CONSOLE is used in the method CON.INPUT.FLUSH.
    From provisional testing all the other CON methods appear to accept the use of CONSOLE in place of CON.

    Rgds, Dave