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  • Matthew Berg
    Anyone out in the Pb-Dos world know of any web apps that will let me upload an active list of things (ftp?) to a site
    Also take a look at FDISK.COM.

    If you try to make something idiot-proof, someone will invent a better idiot.

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  • Thomas Gohel

    On 06 Dec 02, in article "Looking for web based app", Jim Gillem wrote:

    Hello Jim,

    > Anyone out in the Pb-Dos world know of any web apps that will let
    > me upload an active list of things (ftp?)

    Search the web for:

    PPPD for DOS 0.5 alpha, (c) 1997 Antonio Lopez Molero


    NOS by KA9Q

    JNOS version 1.11a (8088)
    by Johan. K. Reinalda, WG7J/PA3DIS
    and James P. Dugal, N5KNX
    Copyright 1991 by Phil Karn (KA9Q) and contributors.
    330640 jnos> ?
    Main commands:
                   !              abort          arp            at
    attach         bootp          cd             close          cls
    copy           disconnect     dir            delete         detach
    domain         dump           echo           eol            exit
    rexit          finger         fkey           ftp            ftype
    help           history        hop            hostname       icmp
    ifconfig       info           index          ip             isat
    kick           log            mail           memory         mkdir
    more           motd           multitask      param          pause
    ping           pkstat         prompt         ps             pwd
    rdate          record         remark         rename         reset
    rewrite        rmdir          route          session        shell
    skick          socket         source         status         tcp
    tail           taillog        telnet         trace          strace
    udp            upload         watchdog       write          ?

    / h o m a s
    email : [email protected] / mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A> (PGP-Key available)
    www : / (PowerBASIC)
    fax/bbs: +49-30-47300910 (VFC, V34+, X75, ISDN, CCB, 9600-128000bps)
    ## CrossPoint [XP2] v3.31.003 Beta DOS/16 R/C2478, via PBNEWS v0.14g

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  • Lance Edmonds
    Sounds like a job for a Windows app, rather than a DOS app, especially since dealing with TCP/IP communications is VASTLY easier in Windows than DOS.

    That said, there is a TCP library in the FILES section at -- you'll still need to install and configure a TCP stack for the DOS copde to work though. (Ugh!)

    However, for a simple FTP transfer, you might try using the FTP.EXE app installed with Windows.

    The shopping-cart app is another aspect altogether, and using CGI applications is a common solution and you can write these with PB/DOS... there are some CGI routines (server-side for a Windows-based server such as IIS) in the same FILES location.

    Good luck!

    PowerBASIC Support
    mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>

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  • Jim Gillem
    Guest started a topic Looking for web based app

    Looking for web based app

    Hello all:

    This may be in the wrong area but it involves DOS and the web.

    Anyone out in the Pb-Dos world know of any web apps that will let
    me upload an active list of things (ftp?) to a site that will
    allow several remote users to log in and see what is in stock
    at any one of a dozen or so actual locations logged at our
    central (home grown erp) system.

    The remote user then grabs (shopping cart?) the item & qty
    needed and this should reduce the count in the central system,

    The pb dos "inventory" should be active / alive and web aware.
    (downloads every __ so ofter or when a web trigger is active
    that denotes a need to refresh the main file in the central
    PB dos system.

    Or: inner branch transfer somehow that lets the location that
    has the item know to ship to the remote user somehow.

    A potential joint venture ?

    This could be a real the power app linkage my customers have been
    looking for. The linkage from a PB-Dos app to the web and back
    seems like a need to fill (Henry Kaiser once said).


    Jim Gillem

    [email protected]