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  • Lance Edmonds
    How are you sending the print data? ie, are you using LPRINT or OPEN "LPT1"...?

    If you are using the former, then there is no explicit "port close" occurring so the printer driver will either never "finish" the print job, or it may use the timeout settings to decide that the print job has finished (usually in the order of 45 to 60 seconds after the last byte was sent).

    Also, be sure to send a CHR$(12) [formfeed] as the very last byte of the print data.

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  • djthain
    started a topic w2k/pb/usb printing

    w2k/pb/usb printing

    I have a HP 970 inkjet printer connected to a USB port on my computer. I was able to print from PB 3.2 by using 'Enable Printer Pooling' in the ports tab for my printer. I used USB & Lpt1 as my selected printer ports. I am able to print fonts, landscape, and portrait. My problem is the resume button has to be pressed after I have finished printing a job. Would anyone know of a way to send code to the printer to stop this?