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PowerBasic 3.5 / Btrieve for DOS 6.15 Programmers

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  • PowerBasic 3.5 / Btrieve for DOS 6.15 Programmers

    Hi Folks !

    Long time absent, like it seems are many other DOSSERS !

    My client, after my Demise , may be in need of a PB-DOS 3.5
    Programmer who is also a capable BTRIEVE for DOS 6.15 Programmer.

    Anybody out there younger than my 74 to fit that description ?
    U.K. preferred.


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    What type of program? Is it just one or many? And are they dead set
    on keeping btrieve? I maintained some support for a program written
    by another company which used btrieve, and we had quite a few
    problems with data corruption and occassional errors.


    Gary Stout
    [email protected]
    Gary Stout
    gary at sce4u dot com


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      It is a hugely complex set of over 50 programmes EXECUTING to each other
      on DOS 6.22 Workstations, used for Pawnbroking, Check Cashing and Jewellery
      Retail on local Branch NOVELL 4.2 5-User LANS, linking to my Computer via
      PcAnywhere Analogue Modems as well as others at Headoffices for periodical
      DOWNLOADing of Accounts and Retail Data.

      My System is said to be "STATE OF THE ART, written for a specific client with
      47 Branches all over the U.K., having been looked at by other Pawnbroking
      Multiples all over the world who may still appreciate the functionality and
      efficiency of DOS Programs on secure NOVELL Lans rather than Bloatware WINDOWS
      Software and insecure Servers !

      BTRIEVE is the "State of the Art" as far as Database Management is concened,
      now being marketed under PERVASIVE SQL, etc. !

      It needs programmers who are capable of 1000% Accuracy in all they do with
      BTRIEVE, else what you are reporting will be the consequence !



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        Mr.Otto you are so right!
        Windows servers will NEVER be as good as Novell was 10 years ago.
        It is too bad that Novell missed the marketing train
        As far as Btrieve my company is using it since 1985.Never let us down.
        We have a system for the apparel market,and with Btrieve (Pervasive these days)
        we can have DOS programs (runing in DosBox) as well Win32 programs accessing the same
        database at the same time.How many databases out there can do that ?!

        Happy Xmas


        Byte Hunters of the World Unite.


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          Marketing is the least of Novell's problems. They spent an entire
          year without fixing a bug in their network software that prevented
          record-level locking from working, causing severe data corruption
          to innumerable clients. It's a marvel they're still in business.

          Tom Hanlin
          PowerBASIC Staff


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            Yes, Tom ..


            That year was a VERY difficult time for me with shared files and
            so on. It is one reason why I leaned so heavily on OS/2 for what
            was needed, and .. upon which, after Btrieve finally got all the
            stuff fixed with 6.15 as revised, I've never lost a single item with it.

            I also want to pay a very much earned deep thank you for the folks
            over in Austin at Btrieve, now Pervasive. They *REALLY* were first
            class with what was brought to them, after what I think the real
            problem was. If you recall, Novell and Btrieve were a lot closer to
            each other early on in the game. After the dance partners began to
            twirl away from each other .. to my view, that is when Linda and crew
            really began to solidify their product and things got much better.

            But then Austin is only about 80 miles from here. Personal visits
            and kind thinking and words really do help if you can.

            But up until that time ... on Netware, as opposed to OS/2, life was
            sorta hectic, I assure you.

            We use 6.15 extensively here and very heavily. But using it with
            an application is, in my experience, an issue where you must absolutely
            know not only the interface, but all the real details in the networked
            application and how that application really works as to the business as
            well as the Btrieve interface.

            Otto is right to start looking for a person to support the application
            on into the future. If my 110 program and library core module suite
            that is involved heavily with it, is any indication, while VERY stable
            and reliable with the full clean code, this is not a second-class take
            care of me if and when you get around to it deal.

            And again, it takes a person knowleable or willing to become knowledgeable
            in the business for which the tool is intended. And that gained, the cost
            of the service, together with moving it forward for what has to be the
            future has to be willing paid by the users, too.

            Changes are coming solidly for the future. Novell, per what I hear from
            the wings over here in Aggieland at College Station, is doing much to move
            toward the future. Pervasive (Btrieve) is VERY much alive, and solidly
            working toward the future. OS/2 is *VERY* much alive and well, despite yet
            another round of fresh, "The wicked witch is dead!", just last week. As
            officially now from IBM, "Indefinitely!", was quickly spoken to correct
            the roar of, "Oh dear?", the small market but important market stuff is
            still there .. if hardware, and drivers exist for the operating system
            involved are available.

            Plus, for embedded and special systems like Otto has, PowerBASIC is a
            very valuable tool, and will continue to be valuable tool for the future.

            I still recall McCormick's answer to the HAL-PC group in Houston when
            he was asked from the floor, "Well, what code do you like, then Sir?"

            Cherished answer ... "Old code that works!"

            So Otto's issue is real, valuable to all concerned, including the
            qualified person who is the right one to move into his arena. I'm
            too old and too tied up in the same scenario that Otto is in. But
            there has to be somewhere in this group, someone, for whom this could
            well be a very worthwhile opportunity.

            Mike Luther
            [email protected]
            Mike Luther
            [email protected]