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    After working on a large Java/XML project recently , do you guys not think now is the time for
    think PB should take a closer look at the massive advantages of
    using XML ?

    It just seems a more natural way of say creating parent-child
    objects,being able to iterate/add/delete nodes,being able to
    parse read/write into XML files for configs etc ..

    Once I started using XML , I seemed be to imagine and create
    really complex data types.

    I see many exiting possibles with a PB native XML parser engine !

    Any thoughts ?

    R Khan

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    Generic XML in DOS seems like it might be classified as a contradiction in terms, but I guess anything is possible. The reality is that it would probably be an unlikely addition to the PB/DOS compiler, but if there is sufficient demand, a library could be a possibility. Or you could write one yourself and sell it as a third-party add on library.

    For those programming in the Windows realm with PB/CC 3.0 or PB/Win 7.0, you'll find that COM Automation makes it quite straightforward (!) to drive the MSXML engine through its dispatch interface, saving you a lot of hard work in creating and debugging your own XML engine. Naturally MS update MSXML from time to time too, saving you from further/ongoing update work too.

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      Hi Lance, I posted this question to the wrong Forum. It should have
      been aimed at PB for Windows !!



      R Khan