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    I'm currently writing a program for the HP-200LX Palmtop
    (XT compatible, 1MB RAM, MS-DOS 5.0). The problem is:
    Any PB-DOS (3.5) compiled program hangs on startup until you have
    pressed a key. After pressing a key the program runs fine.
    This goes for any PB-DOS 3.5 compiled program including the PB-DOS
    3.5 SETUP itself.
    Any other program language works fine (TC2,PDS7.1,VBDOS).

    Is there anything I can do??



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    The description suggests like the device may not be exactly 100% compatible or configured 100% to match the "traditional" PC (DOS) platform.

    For example, during start up, a PB/DOS app hooks into various interrupts, and examines the system to determine the environment it is running in. It is most likely that one of these steps is getting into grief with the HP 200.

    Therefore, you might examine system settings and the BIOS (assuming it has a BIOS configuration like a traditional PC).

    If that does not help, you'd be best advised to ask HP for help in configuring the device... you might need to send them an ultra-simple app (ie, PRINT "HELLO WORLD") so they can assess the problem.

    Good luck!

    PS: Do FirstBasic apps encounter the same problem with that device? You can download FirstBasic from to try it out.

    PowerBASIC Support
    mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
    mailto:[email protected]


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      Good luck getting HP to help. They have stopped producing the
      200LX in favor of the Jornada machines. You might also want to
      locate one of the many sites dedicated to the 200LX. I haven't
      looked for any recently since I sold my 200LX on eBay, but there
      are many.

      mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>