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  • DRDOS Lives

    For those that are interested in DOS, DRDOS has been acquired by
    DeviceLogics. It looks like they are going to be releasing a new
    version of the operating system. They can be reached by the

    I am glad to see that DOS lives!!!



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    I am glad to see that DOS lives!!!

    I have an old Compaq I use as strictly a "DOS machine". It has DRDOS
    7.03 as the primary OS, along with 4DOS (by JPSoft - everything Micro$oft
    DO$ could have been). It's only purpose in life is to provide a home for
    PB/DOS 3.5 and Vision. There is a 700MHZ partition that holds a very
    GUI - lite version of Linux Redhat as well, patiently waiting for the day
    it will host PB for Linux!

    Mark Pruitt
    [email protected]
    sigpicMark Pruitt
    [email protected]
    Manage 3rd party BlackBerry software registration codes.

    It's not the only way to do it...just the EZ way!


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      DOS Lives? It's thriving, if you know where to look... here's
      just one site full of examples:



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        The DOS 10 Commandments

        1.) I am thy DOS, thou shall have no OS before me, unless Bill Gates gets
        a cut of the profits therefrom.

        2.) Thy DOS is a character based, single user, single tasking, standalone
        operating system. Thou shall not attempt to make DOS network, multitask,
        or display a graphical user interface, for that would be a gross hack.

        3.) Thy hard disk shall never have more than 1024 sectors. You don't need
        that much space anyway.

        4.) Thy application program and data shall all fit in 640K of RAM. After
        all, it's ten times what you had on a CP/M machine. Keep holy
        this 640K of RAM, and clutter it not with device drivers, memory
        managers, or other things that might make thy computer useful.

        5.) Thou shall use the one true slash character to separate thy directory
        path. Thou shall learn and love this character, even though it appears
        on no typewriter keyboard, and is unfamiliar. Standardization on where
        that character is located on a computer keyboard is right out.

        6.) Thou shall edit and shuffle the sacred lines of CONFIG.SYS and
        AUTOEXEC.BAT until DOS functions adequately for the likes of you. Giving
        up in disgust is not allowed.

        7.) Know in thy heart that DOS shall always maintain backward
        compatibility to the holy 2.0 version, blindly ignoring opportunities to
        become compatible with things created in the latter half of this
        century. But you can still run WordStar 1.0

        8.) Improve thy memory, for thou shall be required to remember that
        JD031792.LTR is the letter that you wrote to Jane Doe three years ago
        regarding the tax deductible contribution that you made to her
        organization. The IRS Auditor shall be impressed by thy memory as he
        stands over you demanding proof.

        9.) Pick carefully the names of thy directories, for renaming them shall
        be mighty difficult. While you're at it, don't try to relocate
        branches of the directory tree, either.

        10.) Learn well the Vulcan Nerve Pinch (ctrl-alt-del) for it shall be thy
        saviour on many an occasion. Believe in thy heart that everyone
        reboots their OS to solve problems that shouldn't occur in the first place.


        [This message has been edited by Joep van Steen (edited December 20, 2002).]


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          Ah, funny But it looks like many of these Commandments apply to MS-DOS, not to DOS. And maybe the #10 was erroneously taken from a Windows thing ?
          Mmm, i think my customer who has to uninterruptedly run unattended number-crunching apps wouldn' t frame that and hang it to the wall Unless i was suggesting him to port all code to Linux of course... but i'm not ready for this yet

          Davide Vecchi
          [email protected]


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            The second Commandment is not quit true!
            Some sort of multitasking was included in MS-DOS 5.0.
            In DOSSHELL. But nobody used DOSSHELL so Microsoft removed
            it in later versions.
            Pesonally I have used PC-DOS 7.0 from IBM since 1999.
            Later it was renamed DOS2000. Among other things it includes
            Stacker for disk-compression. An exellent program.



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              As well as DR-DOS being a yet viable alternate for DOS operations,
              you might note that IBM's version of DOS is still very much alive
              and supported. This is all recall, not supported by the URL facts
              here .. but memory says that it was updated to Y2K compliance, in
              whatever format that might be at the same time OS/2 was moved forward
              to Y2K compliance. The DOS-VDM operations in OS/2 were synchronized
              with that. Further, recall says that in a release surrounding the
              question of support for their separate version of DOS, support will
              continue for it. And unless my memory is wrong, the admitted number
              of supported sites world-wide that they were committed to supporting
              was the round number 16,000,000 installs.

              The issue about a supportable and on-going DOS that will boot and run
              things from floppy drives is still quite important in some oblique
              ways, per what I've seen. For example, at least as a couple years ago,
              the entire flash BIOS updates for the Adaptec 2940UW and 2940U2W SCSI
              hard disk controller cards required a dedicated DOS floppy for boot.
              Not only that you have to copy the update flash program to it, but
              the upgrade program also requires etither EMM386, or QEMM whatever,
              or some form of upper memory enablement to even run!

              And much as I might like OS/2 ... grin... you can't make a bootable
              DOS diskette from it for such purposes.. even though a far better
              DOS than DOS exists within it. Wry smiley.

              Mike Luther
              [email protected]
              Mike Luther
              [email protected]


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                Bah Humbug, Joep!

                I've been developing powerbasic (and turbobasic) code for ten years
                now. A lot of it is running on Megatel single-board PC's (4 inches
                square by 1/2 " thick), 386 and 486 class machines with as little as 2 MB
                RAM and 1 MB flash disk (not even as big as a floppy disk...). They run
                DOS 6.2, and a 200K powerbasic executable. No keyboard, no video, no mouse;
                all communication is through the serial port. Show me where the Linux
                or Windows install disks are for a machine like that.

                These computers control and monitor mechanisms on astronomical instruments
                mounted to telescopes. This hardware and software runs continuously for months
                at a time without power cycling, reboots or restarts. The only time they are
                shut down is when lightning storms are threatening. Never had a crash yet,
                which is important when the user is literally a non-technical person with
                minimal or non-existant onsite support on a mountain top 8000 miles away.

                Would I give up my bullet-proof DOS and Powerbasic for something "better"? Nope, not
                until you can pry those floppies from my cold, dead hands....



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                  Hey .. this was meant to be funny ...

                  I write DOS apps in PB3.5 for datarecovery. I NEED DOS .... currently using FreeDos, soon my DOS based apps will ship with PTSDOS which is a bit more stable.

                  I love DOS!





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                    Just curious: Does anybody know what the license conditions
                    for DR-DOS are? There was once an information that Lineo
                    distributed it as free software, but now it seems to be
                    commercial again?

                    Hans Ruegg


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                      To Hans Ruegg: See the Allen's first post in this thread. Go to

                      You will find their "free" download of version 7.03 floppy images.
                      There is probably some sort of licensing agreement on one of the
                      floppys. IMHO drdos is much better than Ms-Dos 6.22. But I doubt
                      it will run with any 32 bit version of Windows.