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No environment space/expanded with XP batch

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    No environment space/expanded with XP batch

    If I start a batch file named GO.BAT with a shortcut
    from the Windows XP desktop, I'm unable to set the
    memory for environment space or expanded memory.
    The batch file contains the lines:

    The only way that I can get this to work is to
    create a batch file to GO.BAT and then modify
    the target to go.pif later after it is created.

    If a startup to go.pif is attempted it says
    that go.bat doesn't exist (it does.)

    I want to be able to send out a .pif or other file
    so that Windows XP allocates enough environment
    space and expanded memory. Using XP I've found
    that passing values using SHELL can easily fail
    on many systems with the error "Program to Big"
    because there is inadequate environment space.
    Would prefer to be able to send out a .pif rather
    than have to create a default.pif on every users


    Have been finding more programs failing because environment
    space and expanded memory cannot be set by simply including
    a .PIF file for the startup batch file using XP.