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Running Old DOS Programs on PB

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  • Running Old DOS Programs on PB

    Trouble with running my old DOS programs,I seem to be able to
    load but can't run.
    I have an old dir named John with several files
    I will bring up the main screen and then delete the start-up
    screen,per page 11 Users Manual.
    Click on FILE Click on CHG DIR a drop down menu appears,
    I type [\John] [ENTER] go back to and click on FILE again
    click on OPEN yieldind all the files in John including
    PSC-TRAN. I either type in PSC-TRAN or double click on the name
    and only the first two lines appear in succession in a scrambled
    mess no further action is possible


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    The file was probably saved as tokenized. Bring it back up in
    BASICA or whatever you were using and save it as a straight
    ASCII file. It's been so long that I can't remember how to do
    that but......

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      In Basica/GWBasic (replace PROGRAM.BAS with the name of your
      program) type:


      the comma a switch saves your program as ASCII text.



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        If you don't have GWBASIC / BASICA anymore, you can try the conversion using one of the tools at .

        Davide Vecchi
        [email protected]