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P/basic vs Epson C80

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  • P/basic vs Epson C80

    At one time was able to send data from P/basic (dos)
    programs to Epson C80 inkjet. Now am unable to do same.
    The C80 goes through "gyrations" when data is sent, but
    no print out. C80 works fine when in W98se mode.
    Am assuming I must "add" some code to P/basic so that
    C80 is "aware" of incoming data.
    Have contacted Epson & got a return from a "tech" who said
    the C80 unable to handle dos! Am wondering if I must
    reset bios printer mode somehow. BTW, C80 is using
    parallel hookup.

    Thanks for any solution(s)!

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    Try the demo download of Lance's DOSPRINT. If the printer is
    "windows only" your only other option, that I know of, is to
    write your output to a file then get it into a windows
    wordprocessor and print it out from there.

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      Sounds to me like your windows printer port settings have been
      changed. I know that windows can be set to allow or prevent DOS
      programs access to the printer ports, but because of network
      problems, I can't seem to access my printer settings to see how
      to set it up, but I know there is a way to set the port up for
      use by DOS programs.



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        Originally posted by Mel Bishop:
        Try the demo download of Lance's DOSPRINT <snip>
        Thanks for the plug Mel!

        Indeed, DOSPRINT should be able to help you here... visit for more info and to download a fully functional evaluation edition.

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        mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
        mailto:[email protected]