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  • Version of unit for Disk Array


    Few year ago, I used powerbasic version 3.2 to create a powerbasic
    unit call "diskarray.pbu", which is an idea that using hard disk
    space for storage large string array up to 2gb, enable the programer
    to call darray sort, darray scan, darray insert, darray delete function,
    , there was a powerbasic user used this unit in his project, he was
    updated to PB3.5 recently and he told me that he need a new version of
    this disk array unit, I have not yet undate my pb3.2, and I have never
    do dos programming for a long time, so it is not a easy work for me to
    look for the source code, can anyone confirm that that version 3.2 unit can not
    use in version 3.5, if it is true, what is the reason?


    Chua Puay Kiang


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    can anyone confirm that that version 3.2 unit can not use in version 3.5..
    That is true.

    if it is true, what is the reason
    The file formats of the *.PBU files are different. If I recall correctly, the compiler will catch this at $LINK time.

    I think I've seen some kind of editing on the PBU file to make units work, but I would never suggest doing that, as it is just asking for trouble.


    Michael Mattias
    Tal Systems (retired)
    Port Washington WI USA
    [email protected]


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      Michael is spot on. Basically, the runtime library used by PB/DOS 3.5 is different to what the PBU will be expecting, so your best bet is to upgrade to 3.5 (the upgrade is US$49 + shipping and you can order on-line at

      Of course, you'll still need the source code to that PBU so you can recompile it with 3.5...

      PowerBASIC Support
      mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
      mailto:lan[email protected]


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        Thanks for reply, actually I am waiting for the lastest/final
        version of powerbasic to come out, I am now busy on develope
        website software and have been long time never upgrade my
        Dos software, I may consider to give away this source code
        so that it can be improved by other programmer.

        Chua Puay Kiang