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PB3.5 under XP

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  • PB3.5 under XP

    Hi people,

    I've noticed the following: an EXE compiled under a DOS box
    (using COMMAND.COM, not CMD.EXE) in XP-pro results in a different
    exe than a compile under Win98 DOS (real-mode). I have PB 3.5 on
    my machine which means that i need at least 1 FAT partition. I've
    been messing around with this to see if PB 3.5 can safely be run from
    XP-pro (meaning, produce good EXE's) so i can convert to NTFS.
    I compared the 2 exe's using FC.exe /B. Their size is the same but
    the contents are slightly different. Anybody have any comments/tips
    on this? Am i best of using my Win98 DOS bootflop or can i produce
    PB 3.5 exe's in a XP-pro DOS box? thanx for anything on this.

    Tom Kuurstra


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    I use pb3.5 under XP all the time. The only problem I have had is that
    column 62 will hang and then skip to column 64 in the IDE. I think
    this is because of a video driver problem. I am running a 1ghz
    AMD Duron with 256mb ram. The system was put together by SYSTEMAX
    and it has a few problems. This is because of poor selection of the
    components in the system. PB is working just fine. Programs I
    compile on XP work on WIN98, ME, 95, and Dos.
    Keith Shelton



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      The differences have nothing to do with the platform as such... they are simply uninitialized data and/or padding bytes added for block alignment purposes, etc.

      IOW, there's nothing at all to be concerned with.

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        I have pb35 under Xp with no problems so far that are different than



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          I only have one problem with PB in XP Pro. I just
          purchased PB 3.5, and will try to compile with it and
          see if there are problems. But, with PB/DOS 3.2 I seem to
          get errors when running the exe's on a XP Pro system
          at work with a 2Ghz Intel chip...but they run fine on
          a system configured the exact same way but with an AMD
          1.2Ghz. My code traps errors and it just gives an Error
          5 which could be anything. The programs work excellent
          on the other XP system and have on every system from DOS 3
          to Win98 SE. Any suggestions?

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            Knowing the error number is good but, what you really need to do is
            show where the error occurs in your code.

            Tom Hanlin
            PowerBASIC Staff