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    For the next PB/DOS, would it possible to include a builtin
    mouse library, that could be en(dis)abled with $LIB MOUSE?

    This is not a critical thing, though, just a "nice-to-have" item.
    For now, I am going to research my Ralf Brown's lists for the
    applicable interrupts and build my own library. Yes, I am aware of
    the MOUSUNIT.BAS that ships with PB/DOS 3.5, but: (1) I try to
    remain sensitive to copyright issues (2) I'm a "roll my own" type
    of guy.


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    I think we've covered this before...?

    Briefly, if you own a PB/DOS license, then the code in MOUSUNIT.BAS can be used in your own applications with no copyright problems at all.

    However, redistributing the source code is a completely different matter.

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      Hi Clay,
      There are two programs in the download area for serial-mouse
      "drivers" (they're also in the source code forum).

      The first is for 2-button mice and the second is for 3. The names
      of the files are rather odd because the 3-button version was an
      after-thought, and it seemed a bit too late to change them).
      These don't use interrupts nor require external drivers: they use
      direct access to hardware ports. They're both public domain.

      Tony Burcham

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        Thanks, Tony.