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Printing from Dos (Is DOSPrint the answer?)

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  • Printing from Dos (Is DOSPrint the answer?)

    I have been looking over and trying Lance's DOSPrint, and I
    wonder if it is the answer to my project.

    I am working on a Cemetery recording application for people
    with DOS programs, but run under Window operating systems. I
    expect to share (i.e., give away) about 50 copies, but after
    that would start asking people for something- perhaps $10.00
    per copy.

    Buying a copy of DOSPrint and including it with my program is
    not the answer. It would make Lance mad to say nothing of being
    illegal. So.... is there another option?

    I have tried printing to a text file, and then use a batch file
    to print the text file, but controlling the output becomes an
    issue at this point. Sometimes my desired output is not lined
    up on the printer end.

    I can work with portrait mode output, but I really would like
    to print sideways- hence my interest in DOSPrint- but it is a
    commercial product.

    If I can print 128 characters per line (hence the sideways
    preferance)from Powerbasic, then I have the printing issue
    resolved. 128 characters per line can be achieved with something
    that will print 13CPI.

    Thanks for any suggestions.



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    Wouldn't it be easier to just print text file at 128-132 characters per line?

    And don't start until you've sent the escape code or thrown the switch to "go into 16 cpi mode?"

    That's easy: instead of LPRINT you just PRINT# to a file opened with OPEN "LPT1:" FOR OUTPUT.. (global search and replace, throw in an OPEN and a CLOSE, you're done).


    Michael Mattias
    Tal Systems (retired)
    Port Washington WI USA
    [email protected]


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      Originally posted by Robert Carneal:

      Buying a copy of DOSPrint and including it with my program is
      not the answer. It would make Lance mad to say nothing of being
      illegal. So.... is there another option?
      Lance can comment on this better than I can, but I believe that if
      you buy a copy of Dosprint, it gives you the rights to use it and
      distribute the necessary runtimes or libraries with your programs
      royalty free. As far as I know, this applies to any of the 3rd party add-ons unless they say otherwise.

      Maybe Lance can clarify...

      Gary Stout
      [email protected]
      [email protected]
      Gary Stout
      gary at sce4u dot com


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        You apparently don't understand how DOSPrint(tm)and other PB/DOS
        tools are generally licensed to developers. So long as you
        license the DOSPRINT developer's package, you are entitled to
        distribute the run-time essentials with your Cemetery

        Because you are developing but seem unsure about how to build
        structured report streams (orientation, headings, widths, layout,
        pagination, etc.), DOSPrint is probably the friendliest tool
        for anyone in your position. When you master report formatting
        for DOSPrint, you also solve your Windows printing problem.

        Jim C.

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        Jim C.


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          Jim has the situation correct. Oh, and thanks for the plug folks!

          Michael: DOSPRINT allows folks to print to Windows-only printers, which is generally something that can't be done when you use LPRINT or OPEN "LPTn:"/PRINT# as those cannot access USB-connected printers (which are becoming the most common types available due to their relatively low purchase cost).

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