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    Hi friends,

    "Long time see no you"! I am busy setting up me own website,
    not for technical use, is for cultural purpose.

    Now I am quite familiar with Perl script language, I can
    edit big script using same kownledge that learned from
    pbdos, there are no limitation for a programmer, just go
    and try, you will get it.

    The reason that I make this post is: I need to write a very
    simple program, using pbdos/pbconsole, continue running,
    auto contact my website every hour, just to run a
    script(already store in server).

    Make it simple: just like a person visit my site every hour.

    Why I need to do it this way? The hosting company are too
    "narrow brain", they not allow me to run a script every
    hour, they said "using too many resource", I can't discuss
    with them using my PE: Poor English.

    So, using pb console would be a easier way? or just

    Chua Puay Kiang(Singapore)
    (don't visit, you will see nothing)

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    ni hao, chua

    i just saw your post today. if your 'problem' still exists: take a look at

    there is an example how to get a page. this could be the page that runs your script.

    another easy way would be to do it completely in html using the refresh meta tag:
    <html><head><title>poll a page every hour</title>
    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="3600 ; url=">
    <meta name="robots" content="noindex,follow">
    all you need then is a computer permanently connected to the internet (cable, adsl, t1..t3) and running internet explorer. put that page on and it will refresh the page every hour. if that page contains the call to your script, the script is executed every hour this way.

    good luck,

    henk broekhuizen

    henk broekhuizen,
    [email protected]
    the netherlands
    Henk Broekhuizen, PA3BLP
    powerbasicforum -at-
    Sexbierum, The Netherlands