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  • New Job Opportunity

    Location: New Jersey
    Need PowerBasic SME
    create DLL files
    Dos to powerbasic conversion
    Novell and WinNT4.0 experience
    Win XP a big plus and financial experience

    Please email [email protected] or call (917) 553-2440


    [email protected]

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

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    This job opportunity is also posted in some of the other forums.
    Basically, it involves converting hundreds (actually they say
    "thousands", but that may be an exaggeration) of programs from
    Microsoft's BASIC PFS format over into PB/CC and PB/Win syntax.

    The deadline is fantasticaly short - a mere 3 or four months. I
    have it from one of the recruiters that the client, possibly do
    to negative feedback about the practicality of trying to do this,
    is currently reconsidering their requirements. Until they
    restate what those requirements are, the recruiters cannot try to
    fill them.

    In case you are not fully aware, there are some real challenges
    in adapting statements in one syntax of a language into another
    version. Considerable advances have been made with the PowerBASIC
    products, and conceivably, you could move old forward into a richer
    and fuller environment. The practical implacations of trying to
    do so, is hampered by needing time to document and evaluate the
    existing code, then work out satisfactory ways to adapt it for
    one of the PB products. In terms of underlying concepts, PB/DOS
    is somewhat closer to PDS than PB/CC or PB/Win would be, which is
    a fact that I passed to a couple of the recruiters.

    Working with PDS was different enough from PB/DOS and the other
    PowerBASIC languages that you would have to be able to read the
    source code well enough to figure out precisely what the program
    is striving to do, then work out an equivalent process or capability
    using the new syntax. Some serious challenges would include
    error handling, CHAIN and COMMON data types, inline code and
    handling DATA statements, the scope of variables and structures,
    converting dynamic FIELD statements into equivalent static TYPE
    structures, changes in the Floating Point format from the old
    MS standard, from a DOS environment (where most things are
    controlled by environmental variables and path statements, to a
    Windows world that is quite different from the old DOS

    I'm not saying it can't be done. And hopefully, the client will
    come to terms with what should be possible. But it is going to
    be a lot of effort and a very short time to get it done in.

    Just thought I would expand on the job requirements, by letting
    you know some of the things that were picked up while speaking
    to some of the recruiters.

    Old Navy Chief, Systems Engineer, Systems Analyst, now semi-retired


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      I don't think three months is a difficult requirement, here. But, the
      crossposting of similar ads is beginning to look like spam...

      Tom Hanlin
      PowerBASIC Staff


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        Hi Tom,

        I think, you got the point. It IS spam ..... I already send different mails to the different authors of this kind of postings.
        EITHER I did NOT get ANY qualified respond until yet, OR the mail was undeliverable ....

        So how serious and how urgent is such an inquiry? If the different authors do their
        complete job in the same quality as they did the initial posting ...
        what a horrible thought, to work together with them ....

        That´s surely NOT professional, thats SPAM

        Best regards

        Gerhard Kropf



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          please post any follow-ups here:

          tom hanlin
          powerbasic staff