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Text background in screen 12

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    Text background in screen 12

    I need to print text on screen 12, with different background colors. At the moment I use the following method (let's say I need to print something COLOR 7, 2):
    • print a full char ( chr$(219) ) with the background color I need (color 2)
    • get the character region of the screen to an array
    • print the character I need with color foreground xor background (7 xor 2 = 5)
    • put the array to the character screen region using option XOR: the foreground changes from 5 to 7, background from 0 to 2.
    • repeat all the above for each character (or string...)
    All this stuff works correctly but... it is a bit complicated. Is there an easyest way to do this?


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    Rgds, Aldo

    Have a look to the german PB forum

    There I already posted some code, doing this ....





      thanks for the reply. I must admit German isn't a language I can unterstand at a glance , nevertheless I looked at the code. The advantage of your method is you can locate the text on a pixel alignmen; the disadvantage is you need your own character generator. Hence, not as simple as I liked, but much more versatile: it can be even modified to handle other font sizes (i.e. 5x7 or whatever else). If I'm not wrong, TurboPascal used a method similar to this one, and had a full series of character generators... I'll look there.

      Unfortunately this method can't be used via PRINTs or PRINT USINGs. We must wait until PowerBasic add a FORMAT$ to the compiler, or add a statement to print to memory (like sprintf() of c). What I need this moment is a simple way to PRINT on a SCREEN 12 with background colors...


      Rgds, Aldo


        Hi Aldo,

        that´s what you just can do .... Print text with different foreground and background colors ....

        I already created different fonts and I also made a "font-generator".
        If you are interested, I can mail this files to you, give me just a short mail to

        [email protected]