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Is It To Possible To use Preprocessor?

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  • Is It To Possible To use Preprocessor?

    Is it possible to write/use a preprocessor app that can be used
    from within the IDE when compiling? I successfully do so with
    PB/Win and PB/CC, but have not been able to do so with PB/DOS.
    With PB/DOS, I wrote a program called "PBC.EXE", and after it had
    done its work, it would do a SHELL to the original PBC.EXE, which
    was renamed to PBC2.EXE. My version would pass the orginal COMMAND$
    to PBC2.EXE. However, when I tried to use that setup, my whole
    OS locked up. Was I doing something wrong, or is the original PBC.EXE
    coded in such a way that it simply cannot use a preprocessor?

    I suppose this question will probably have to be answered by Bob,
    Lance, or Tom.

    Thank you for any replies.


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    Disregard. I have just confirmed that it IS possible. I *think*
    my original problem was due to the fact that I had forgotten to
    move (not copy) my version of PBC.EXE to the PB/DOS root folder,
    and instead it ran it from the DOS Path.