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Problems with com program

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    Problems with com program

    Hello, I'm new to power basic and I was given the task of
    fixing this program!!

    The program is connecting to a serial buffer device and
    polling records out of the device into the program.
    It appears that the code is making a clean connection and
    the data is comming into the program.

    Here is the code that I have a question about...

    Open "COM1:1200,N,8,1" AS #2
    Open "CALLREC" For Append As #3
    DELAY 3
    Rem ********* BEGIN DATA COLLECTION ***********
    If Loc(2) > 20 Then
    'perform logic
    End If

    Through debugging my program using an evaluate on Loc(2), I
    noticed that the value is '?????'

    Does anyone know of any reason that Loc(2) is never receiving
    any of the data from the buffer device?

    Thanks so much for your assistance.



    I'm no expert on this, but it seems to me you should be using COMM OPEN and COMM SET to make the connection. The PB help file describes it all...



      Trevor is absolutely correct. The 32-bit PB compilers do not use
      the same comm open syntax and comm parameters setting syntax as
      the PB/DOS compiler does. They are completely different.


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        Bob, what version of PowerBASIC are you using? I haven't looked at the help
        file for PBDOS in a while, but in Console Compiler and PBWin70 the help section
        for Serial Communications is one of the more accurate write-ups I've been able
        to find.

        Another consideration; is there any type of protocol being used (RTS, CTS, etc)?

        Mark Pruitt
        [email protected]

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        sigpicMark Pruitt
        [email protected]
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        It's not the only way to do it...just the EZ way!


          Sorry everyone for the confusion! Again, I'm a newbie! I'm
          using Power Basic for Dos. Compiler version 3.5. I will repost
          on the PB for Dos board also.

          Thanks Bob.



            << evaluate on Loc(2), I noticed that the value is '?????'>>

            I don't think you can display a function's value in the debugger, try assigning it to variable and display the variable instead.

            e.g. xx&=loc(2)
            while watching xx& in the debugger.