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  • a dos editor

    I am looking for a dos editor supporting syntext highlight
    for the PB/Dos.


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    Take a look at JellyFish Pro at
    It is very customizable and you can add you own keywords
    or variables to the list to be highlighted. Paul Squires,
    the author, is very responsive to questions or problems and
    provides top notch support.
    The editor runs under windows.... not sure from your post if
    you are looking for a DOS based editor or not, but for the
    price, you won't go wrong with JellyFish Pro.

    Gary Stout
    [email protected]
    Gary Stout
    gary at sce4u dot com


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      Thanks but I am looking for a Dos editor
      (no windows on this machine).



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        what is that?
        some like four letter words.
        i have never put any four letter words in my editor, only once i
        wrote this trashy letter in my typewritting class in high school which
        i tossed behind the washing machine at home, which my mother found.
        And no my mother did not find that piece of art to funny.

        I use an editor my friend turn me on to back in early 1980.
        It is SPF/PC, and awesome editor, but does not highlight any syntext
        full lines.
        But you can edit large, large files, fixed length files(where it really shines).
        You can also edit files that are undefined(binary).

        I would be hard pressed to give up my editor, SPF/PC.
        There is also a windows version.
        I have a version 2.10 which you should get.
        To me SPF/PC has been a real find like PB/DOS.
        SPF/PC was written to mimic an editor that was being run on some kind of IBM mainframes.
        i hardly ever use the IDE of powerbasic, i write my code outside the IDE of powerbasic and
        compile my programs from the command line using a looping batch file.
        If you can only get your hands on ver 1.0 that maybe be ok, but i really would not
        accept anything below version 2.10

        SPF/PC is written by COMMAND TECHNOLOGY CORPORTION which i do believe has a site on the internet.

        p purvis


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          Sorry Syntax highlight,
          I am looking for an editor like the QuickBASIC editor,
          it's a syntax checking editor.



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            See if you can find an old copy of "Boxer". IIRC it did highlighting.




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              Originally posted by Don Schullian:
              See if you can find an old copy of "Boxer". IIRC it did highlighting.
     (from )

              Davide Vecchi
              [email protected]


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                SPF/PC was written to mimic an editor that was being run on some kind of IBM mainframes
                I think you refer to the TSO editor.

                One thing I have never seen in a PC editor is the TSO editor's capability to
                x all
                f 'ABC' 4-7
                f 'CDE' 19-21
                The first command hides all lines (exclude all)
                The second command presents for editing only the lines in the file containing the character string 'ABC' starting in columns 4 or 5 (find 'string' column-range)
                The third command inserts - <U>in order</U> - any lines in the file containing the character string 'CDE' starting in column 19

                What you end up looking at are only the 'lines of interest.'

                Really, really handy for editing and analyzing big data files to create test data or see if your test data file contains certain data conditions.


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                Michael Mattias
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                Port Washington WI USA
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                  On 21 Jul 03, in article "a dos editor", Meir Mark wrote:

                  Hello Meir,

                  > I am looking for a dos editor supporting syntext highlight
                  > for the PB/Dos.

                  You could add the "syntax highlight" feature within the PowerBASIC
                  IDE (with a small tool).


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                  www : / (PowerBASIC)
                  fax/bbs: +49-30-47300910 (VFC, V34+, X75, ISDN, CCB, 9600-128000bps)
                  ## CrossPoint [XP2] v3.31.003 Beta DOS/16 R/C2478, via PBNEWS v0.18g
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                    Thanks to you all for your help.

                    Thomas can you give me a pointer to that "tool"



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                      In the download section of the Powerbasic site you can find the file:

             24 Sep 1996 73 Kb
                      IDE syntax colorizer for PowerBASIC and other BASICs. Fast TSR in asm, C, and PowerBASIC, with source code.
                      Freeware by Andras Hoeffken.



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                        I also like Boxer. Just about every aspect of it you'd want is configurable.

                        It does syntax highlighting and it lets you customize colors for *every* element in the language (even symbols and operators).

                        You can choose between several predifined keyboard command layouts that emulate other editors or define your own.

                        You can customeize colors for just about every element of the editor itself. There are several predefined schemes but you can customize.

                        You can edit multiple files in split windows. And it's a disc editor so files can be very large with no memory problems.

                        You can record macros.

                        There's a drawing mode so you could add frames or other extended ASCII characters directly into your code.

                        It has a very extensive help file and worth reading to get familiarized with all the features. There are a LOT. Also a demo that was created with it's own macro feature.

                        About the only feature it does not have (in the version I have, at least..7.0a) is a project manager. But otherwise an excellent DOS editior.


                        Originally posted by Don Schullian:
                        See if you can find an old copy of "Boxer". IIRC it did highlighting.



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                          Try VEDIT - DOS or Wndows versions available from Greenview s/w



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                            TSE editor (formerly QEdit) from


                            "Simplicity is a prerequisite for reliability"


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                              Call me an old fuddy duddy if you will ..

                              But, in a way, you still can't beat WordStar for Dos, the last version
                              seven or whatever for a TEXT editor. If your fingers are trained for
                              it like mine, those <CTRL> key macro strokes are absolutely provable
                              to increase your productivity at least 25% over any comparable keyboard
                              template you could use. Repeatedly, when hospital staff transcription
                              work has been sought to be paid for by the line, the place has had to
                              go back to straight time payment where the WS template is used. The
                              department which uses it simply winds up taking home some 25% more in
                              pay time and time again. Disent rises. Back to square peg pay it goes
                              as I've seen documented more than once.

                              The most important part of using it for program development work, short
                              of a matching IDE like PB 3.5, which *DOES*, thank whomever your Diety
                              may be, have the WS <CTRL> stroke template in it, is simple. Most
                              important, franly, PB is more WS keyboard compliant that WS, in some
                              ways, if you really know about this, giggle.

                              With it you can, with the greatest of ease, even in DOS, open that second
                              window at the BOTTOM of the screen. You can cut and past across that
                              lil old bar in the middle of the screen faster than a Ringling Bro' flying
                              trapeze artist, and.... You also get a complete safety net with a
                              full automagic .BAK file operation. Not last by any means, but very
                              important, I don't care if your file is megabytes in size, WS can still
                              work it totally in safety. Well .. almost. Yeah, there is a minor
                              glitch in that last version which can lock the screen and leave those lil
                              old *.$?$ in-transit file snips on you every now and then. They are the
                              result of a timing error during the opening if you really try to push the
                              file name through the opening door before the WS exec loads in a multi-
                              tasking system like OS/2. That was long after old Roy Barnaby moved
                              that first CP/M arrow and CTRL key template into what WS became.

                              And yes I am an old fuddy duddy! I actually have Email with Roy up until
                              a year or so ago. The two original computers on which WS were developed,
                              per Roy, were still operational. One of them was an Altair .. BTW.

                              By the way. For those of you who do have this little *.$?$ locker, make
                              yourself a little .BAT file called CLEANUP.BAT and stick it in your path.
                              If it jams on you, just shut it down, restart it, and run DEL *.$?$ in
                              the applicable directory. Voila! Instant go back to work.

                              More important, as the previous poster just added, QEDIT is also there
                              for you which can transfer almost your entire trained hands to its very
                              own keyboard I/O template. All you do is set it up for WS instead of
                              the Word template. You are home. Not only are you home free, but if
                              you want to use it in OS/2, the OS/2 version is perfect for text file
                              work there too, with one lil old glitch. No split screen for trivial
                              cut and paste between sources as in WS itself.

                              Oh yeah. I know all about the clipboard. Nope, not a candle to the
                              cross-window tranfer with <CTRL KB>, <CTRL KK>, then pop across the
                              trapeze bar and <CTRL KA>. No rosin required. Sheer beauty in motion
                              guys and gals.

                              Yes, you have to think about the old DOS editor habit. All those <EOF>
                              marks WS leaves at the end of your source up to the next 512 byte limit.
                              But PB does a beautiful job of accomodating that. And if you really
                              need shed of them on a utility basis, the old STRIP_Z utility will
                              solve that pronto. Don't laugh. They do count in some cases. You
                              should see the mess that takes place from a program file that isn't
                              used to seeing them down there at the end of your file. There are
                              other things you use a TEXT editor for, besides program source code,
                              you realize.

                              BTW, what the above posted didn't tell you. QEDIT doesn't leave those
                              EOF marks in your text file. It will also strip them from a WS file
                              as well.

                              Now the old Microsoft PB7/QB editor did/does have one other feature
                              which is badly needed in the to-come version of PB, I opine. And yes,
                              I have faith in the Zale camp that it will come! You really need to be
                              able to pop into a sub-routine source and work it in-line. But gee
                              folks, the current IDE is very, very good as these things go. It will
                              let you excute single step through all those nested calls. Well, lets
                              hope they fix the target line mis-sync here in the debugger! But I
                              have faith that will really be fixed in what is to come as well.

                              Frankly, if it just had split screen source I/O like WS, I would almost
                              be able to throw away the WS game and stay with it. If selectable
                              keyboard I/O template swapper, like QEDIT has, were provided, that would
                              be even better for the folks who use this product.

                              A PB user presented with this? You'd be married to this development
                              environment faster than you could even argue you didn't want no wedding
                              ring in spite of the ceremony as this old goat sees it.

                              And finally .. if we could *ONLY* convince the Zale Emporium to provide
                              us with the same keyboard I/O routine at a lower level that would let
                              us task-bust the IDE in something like the DOS-BOX OS/2 work that was
                              the same as most other programs we can TAME there, how WONDERFUL! Yes,
                              you can get it to share time slicing in OS/2 DOS-VDM's. But to do it
                              you have to turn OFF all such task busters like TAME330 or whatever.
                              Then the stuff which you compile with hogs the CPU time cycles when
                              you run what you just compiled! I'd be overjoyed to be able to see
                              that fixed in the to-come product.

                              Short of WS, QEDIT is darned good. In a multi-tasking environment of
                              any kind, even DESQVIEW, you can do the major work in it in one session
                              window. You can keep the PB IDE open in another. Simply load the
                              altered program file in it and romp away, saving the de-bugging. If
                              you are used to the WS <CTRL> key template, you instantly have the
                              best of both worlds right at your finger tips.

                              ------ >> and no moushekin needed nohow.

                              Mike Luther
                              [email protected]
                              Mike Luther
                              [email protected]


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                                Originally posted by Meir Mark:
                                I am looking for a dos editor supporting syntext highlight
                                for the PB/Dos.

                                You might find several if you hunt around on

                                It took me a little while to find the "Editors" catagory.


                                Earlier today, I went looking for a hex editor. At the reccommendation of a mainframe-type guy, I found "VEdit" (at The MS-DOS version is available for download at US$29 (give 'em your credit card if ya want it now - I bought mine) and they'll mail you a CD for another US$4 (I bought the CD too).

                                The dox for this (which can be downloaded from the same site) indicate that the editor can highlight syntax if you want.

                                Unfortunately, it doesn't mention PB. Then again, most of the stuff it does for other languages is stuff that BZ has already given us!

                                Not to endorse this product ('cuz I haven't yet put it through it's paces), but it's one possibility for you.


                                There used to be a programmer's editor available at Programmer's Paradise. I've forgotten what it was named, and when I went to look at their current titles, I didn't recognize any of them as being the one I wanted to re-find. It was configurable for a variety of programming languages and that included some revlev of PB/DOS. I'll try to make an inquiry with my friend in Bogota and see if he still has his copy.


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