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  • Strange error behavior


    While working on my vesa codes I noticed something strange. When
    I compile the code and there is an error, the IDE points to the line
    5 lines above the actual error. This doesn't occur in every program,
    mostly just the vesa lib. Has anybody else noticed this behavior in
    their experience? Does anybody know what triggers it to happen in my
    code? I'm kinda stumped on this one, any help, fixes or workarounds
    would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


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    when i switched to 3.5, i had the same problem except my error
    pointed to a line 4 or 5 lines below the problem. most of the
    time, but not all, the $error all on metastatement solved the

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      Hi Mel

      Just tried adding the $ERROR ALL ON line to my code but now I get
      "error 515 fixup overflow". This doesn't make much sense with my code
      because I'm not linking any lib/obj/pbu's... It' quite possible that
      my code may be doing something when executed to trigger the problem.
      I'll have to try compiling it from a clean boot, but it's too late at
      night right now(2:00am). Will have to try again tomorrow.

      thank you