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Execute BAS file from command-line

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    I would be inclined to recommend a batch file startup that always
    restores a valid BAS file and then launches PB. This would let everyone
    avoid embarassment.
    I agree that there are situations of that kind, where offering a real
    improvement results in various kinds of troubles, and it's good being able
    to recognize these situations and avoiding to offer improvements. However,
    in this case, avoiding to tell them that the program can be compiled, exposes
    the consultant to the risk of being called incompetent because he didn't even
    know that the program could be compiled. Sometimes being "politically correct"
    is simply unfeasible.

    Davide Vecchi
    [email protected]


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      I proposed documenting the real solution, but questioned whether to implement it.
      Non-displayable comments in the batch file could explain this act of compassion to the next consultant in the pipeline! <g>
      I was speaking tongue-in-cheek, because in reality, if such a ridiculous procedure had been SOP, I would advise the client to find another consultant. If this sounds arrogant, it is only because life is short, and jobs that challenge the consultant with a learning experience are the kind that benefit all parties the most.

      Jim C.

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      Jim C.