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Power Basic Vs Quick Basic

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  • Arif Deshmukh
    Thanks for giving me info.

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  • Criss French
    Posted this before in another thread, but it bears repeating here.
    I can't stress enough how subtly bad QB is. Judging by it's
    un-usefullness, I would have guessed that MS never actually used
    QB for anything themselves, it was just a product to offer. But
    maybe they used it to write Win95, and that explains why it *****
    so bad too
    QB 4.5

    For the price of PBdos3.5, I will never touch QB again. Ever.

    After years of grief programming data collection software for
    my survey company, after many hours in the feild spent re-surveying
    to recover randomly wiped data files over COM errors (I can't
    understand how a file opened as append only can get fully erased
    either) PB3.5 has rendered the same code (with only very minor
    tweaks) absolutely rock solid stable.

    IMHO, if it's worth coding, then PB is the cheapest part of your
    job. M$ never gave a $*|^ about QB as far as I can tell. All of
    the hours I put in trying to prod a vuage semblance of predictability
    out of the buggy <%^p that QB compiled, make the $100 price
    seem like very cheap entertainment. Hours spent having fun instead
    of test coding to work around bugs.

    What I like:
    ALL compiler controls built into the code : nothing to remember years later.
    COM port control flags that do almost everything (incl. ignore errors YEAH)
    HUGE arrays
    fixed strings
    byte, int(16bit), int(32bit), int(64bit), including unsigned to 32bit
    Extended precision for native x87 code.
    good variable scope control
    localized error handling
    reliable event handling

    God it just goes on and on. PB ain't totally perfect, but I've not
    seen better. The years I went without (I only found it at V3.5)
    are a true regret to me.

    Rant over. Good luck. And no, I don't own stock.

    What can go wrong will go wrong.
    Anything can go wrong.
    What hasn't?!?!

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  • Karl Lessmann

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  • Davide Vecchi

    See also:

    and this forum .

    Davide Vecchi
    [email protected]

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  • Chuck Hicks
    Originally posted by Arif Deshmukh:
    Can any one tell me what are main difference between PB and QB. What are the advantages of PB over QB. Please give me detailes.
    QuickBasic is dead and buried.
    PBDos is still alive and kickin'.


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  • Arif Deshmukh
    started a topic Power Basic Vs Quick Basic

    Power Basic Vs Quick Basic

    Can any one tell me what are main difference between PB and QB. What are the advantages of PB over QB. Please give me detailes.