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Version Of Adobe Acrobat Required?

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  • Version Of Adobe Acrobat Required?

    What version of Adobe Acrobat is required for the PB/DOS 3.5
    PDF files? I am using version 5.1. The page numbers in the
    Reference PDF index do not match the pages that are gone to
    when I select Document | Goto Page. The page NUMBERS match, according
    to the reader, but the page CONTENTS are not what the index says they
    should be. Also, when I goto a page, it shows part of the last page,
    and the first part of the page it is supposed to go to. So, am I running
    an incompatible version of Acrobat?

    Any help gratefully received.

    clayclear4 at mchsi dot com

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    Acrobat Reader likes the first "page" in a document to be page 1, whereas the page numbering used in printed books usually places page 1 at the start of Chapter 1 (ie, after the front page, info page, contents page, etc).

    That is, there is an offset between the page numbers that are "printed" on the pages, and the page number presented by Acrobat Reader.

    In the case of the PB/DOS 3.5 .pdf files, you'll find that the offset is about 8 pages for the User Guide, and about 10 pages for the Reference Guide.

    I've had a good look to see if there is a way to be able to specify a (document-specific) offset to Acrobat Reader, but it appears that the content has to be authored <U>specifically</U> for Acrobat Reader (as opposed to being authored for a giant printing press!).

    There do appear to be a few index/contents page numbering differences (~1 page?), but alas, that can't be fixed in Acrobat (as the problem likely lies with the source document).

    In terms of the partial-page view, I'm afraid you'll have to ask Adobe about it. BTW, it doesn't work like that for me, and I'm running v6.0.0 -- maybe you need to update? Acrobat Reader is a free download afterall...

    PowerBASIC Support
    mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
    mailto:[email protected]


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      Thanks for the info, Lance. I have already tried to download version
      6.0. However, I selected the language, OS version, etc., but I could
      not find anything to continue to the next step! But, I'll go and try again.

      clayclear4 at mchsi dot com


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        Which PB, Inc. department would I ask for permission to change the
        layout of my PB/DOS 3.5 PDF files that your Sales office very kindly sent
        to me upon my request? Also, I would have to know any redistribution
        policies, whether only I could use the modified documents, or
        whether I could give them to other PBers. Heck, if I do it RIGHT,
        then I would gladly give the updated versions to your company,
        and it would still be their copyright property (heck, they WROTE them ).

        But, be forewarned, I have never, ever attempted to create a PDF document,
        let alone REcreate one.

        clayclear4 at mchsi dot com


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          Disregard, Lance. I decided I would be biting off more than I want to
          chew at this time.

          clayclear4 at mchsi dot com


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            You can modify any files you like, for your own use. You may not
            distribute them, though, unless you have explicit permission from
            PowerBASIC, Inc. In such cases, please write to mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
            or mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>

            Tom Hanlin
            PowerBASIC Staff