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  • RM Green

    Matthias -

    Here is a very detailed discussion of the file formats used in
    all versions of Excel.

    You will see that all recent versions (since Excel 5.0) use some
    version of BIFF with OLE2 storage.

    I have a data recovery application which reads OLE docfiles (used
    by Word, Excel and PowerPoint) but only at the metadata level. It
    reads a couple of streams but by brute force rather than trying
    to parse the formats. (The application has determine such things
    as whether it is looking at a complete or truncated file, what
    application created the file, the original file name where
    possible, etc.)

    I don't know of an existing DOS program that can read data
    from Excel files, but what you want to do should be possible.
    Also difficult. More like a marathon than a stroll.



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  • Paul Squires
    I have code to write to an Excel file directly, but not
    read from it. That
    code could probably be adapted to PB/DOS easily.

    Paul Squires
    Cheetah Database System - "Nothing runs like a Cheetah"
    JellyFish Pro Editor - "Custom code editor for PowerBasic"
    mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>

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  • Mel Bishop
    To do it yourself, open the file in BINARY mode., i.e.,
    open "somefile.xls" for binary as #x

    This way, the program will ignore all control characters and
    you will have access to the entire file.

    Decoding the file structure, however, is something you will
    have to oversome yourself. There should be lots of info on the
    web about how to do this.

    Good luck!


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  • John Schexnaydre
    don't know how many of these are useful in dos, but:

    you could use shell out for the sheetstotab option.



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  • Matthias Kuhn
    started a topic Excel



    has anyone a solution to read excel (.xls) files direct with

    Powerbasic ?


    matthias Kuhn