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Next upgrade of PBDOS 4.0 Compiler?

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  • Michael Torrie
    Unfortunately if you requirements for your DOS-based programs do include DPMI, then you'll probably want to migrate your code to C, C++ or Pascal. On only freely available compilers targetting DOS/DPMI that I can think of are djgpp for C and C++, based on the GNU Compiler Collection, and Free Pascal, fully compatible with the most recent incarnation of Delphi Pascal (including objects but no including the VCL gui library). Both of these compilers generate 32-bit MS-DOS code, and are also available on many other platforms.

    At one time, I think Microsoft Basic (some version) targeted 32-bit DOS extenders, but that product has long since gone the way of quick basic (a tribute to PowerBASIC's superiority in the DOS BASIC compiler arena that PB is still in fairly wide use).

    I have to question why in an embedded control environment 32-bit DPMI programs are really needed. If your processing platform is large enough to warrant such programs, why not look at other OS/development platform alternatives? There are many systems, free and commercial, that would be better suited if your needs are more than what PB an provide.


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  • Paul Squires

    i think that's the problem... you can not use a dos extender
    given the current state of the dos compiler. i am not sure if
    it was tom or lance that explained it to me, but the compiler
    would need to be changed a fair bit in order to work with the

    by the way, stephane, in case it may have slipped your mind, you
    have requested this on this feature before:

    january 8, 2001

    february 2, 2001

    february 12, 2001

    september 3, 2001

    september 18, 2001

    september 19, 2001

    september 24, 2001

    october 26, 2001

    paul squires
    cheetah database system - "nothing runs like a cheetah"
    jellyfish pro editor - "custom code editor for powerbasic"
    mailto:[email protected][email protected]</a>

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  • Peter Lameijn
    DPMI support will be nice for creating Real DOS Applications
    and Protected DPMI Applications.
    It's already there Use a DOS Extender like 4GW or DOS32a


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  • Paul Squires
    I can't speak for the company but my feeling is that DPMI is
    not on the list of features. I suggested this a few years ago
    and the response was that the existing compiler would require
    a very large change in order to be compatible with DPMI. I would
    be surprised if the company would make such a large investment
    of time and manpower to do this when the market has switched
    mostly to Windows and the Linux flavors.

    Paul Squires
    Cheetah Database System - "Nothing runs like a Cheetah"
    JellyFish Pro Editor - "Custom code editor for PowerBasic"
    mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>

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  • Stephane Fonteyne
    started a topic Next upgrade of PBDOS 4.0 Compiler?

    Next upgrade of PBDOS 4.0 Compiler?

    Dear support

    It's an long time that I have see an next new upgrade of PBDOS
    with DPMI support will be nice for creating Real DOS Applications
    and Protected DPMI Applications.

    I use PBDOS most for building electronic control application that
    running in an DOS env...

    I hope that teh productionline of this product is not dead, I hope

    Kind regards