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Suggestions for Max performance hardware?

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  • Suggestions for Max performance hardware?

    We do financial modeling and are coming to the end of the line with our Pentium IIIs.
    Our models are very CPU and floating point intensive also have a lot of disk activity.
    We will be using DOS under Windows 98. Intel seems to have a lot of different processors available.
    Does anyone have any recommendations on which Intel processor would give the best CPU and floating point
    performance using Power Basic for DOS. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Unfortunately the FPU part of the P4 processors is not very good at all.
    If Intel wasn't a requirement an AMD K7 & K8 will surely be a better choice in this regard.

    P4 offer decent FP performance only using SSE2.


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      I agree with Marco, AMD would probably be a better choice for FP at the moment.
      More important, if you're running in DOS any CPU is going have lots of resources available that aren't used by your code, you really need to move away from DOS to 32-bit code to get full performance from your hardware and you may then be able to do away with a lot of the disk activity by keeping everything in RAM as the available directly accessible RAM will be thousnds of times greater than in DOS.