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String corruption, or something else?

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  • String corruption, or something else?

    I recently tried to convert an ASM UNIT (PB/DOS 3.5) to an OBJ
    written with MASM 6.14. On the OBJ file's code getting to the
    line with "call GetStrLoc", the program aborts and Windows gives
    the "...has performed an illegal operation...please restart your
    computer..." error message. I have gone back to the UNIT version
    until I figure out WHY this is happening. In other words, I no
    longer have the OBJ ASM code to provide as an example. I compiled
    the OBJ file with the line: "ml.exe /c gp001.asm". Up until about
    10 months ago, I was making VERY heavy use of OBJ files, and I do not
    THINK that my current problems are caused by my implementation in
    the OBJ file's code, as I am well experienced at manipulating
    dynamic strings in OBJ files created with MASM 6.14. However, that
    possibility does, of course, exist.

    So, what could be causing this? I worked on the problem for 10 hours
    a couple of days ago, and no variation of code resolved it. Could it
    be caused by a corrupt PB/DOS installation, requiring me to reinstall?
    Hopefully, it isn't caused by a corrupt MASM install, as those setup files
    are VERY hard to find on the 'Net, and I no longer have them backed up
    to CD (accidentally threw the CD away ).

    Any ideas of things to try to resolve it VERY gratefully received.


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    Update: I tried the OBJ file, again. This time, I wrote a test EXE
    that directly linked the OBJ file, instead of $LINKing the PBL file
    in which the OBJ file was contained. The test EXE worked fine. I then
    changed the EXE so it $LINKed the PBL file, but the EXE only
    called the procedure in the OBJ file. That worked fine also.
    The problem seems to occur when the production EXE contains both
    the OBJ file procedure and a PBU function, and it calls the
    OBJ procedure. Both the OBJ and the PBU files are contained in
    the same PBL. Both the sub and the function use dynamic strings.
    The sub uses BYVAL strings, and the function uses BYREF strings.
    The PBU is mixed BASIC/ASM. The production EXE calls only ONE of
    the two, then exits.

    I have had problems in the past with mixing OBJ/PBU calls in the
    same EXE. At the time, I attributed it to my implementation. Now I
    am wondering if it's a problem with the PB/DOS 3.5 compiler? These
    problems only occurred when calling subs/functions that used strings.
    ALL of my procedures/functions, whether OBJ or PBU, use dynamic

    Note that the current problem does not occur if the OBJ file is recoded
    as a PBU instead of as an OBJ.

    Anybody have any insights?

    ADDED: I just realized that well over a year ago I was heavily using OBJ
    files to add LFN support for file I/O to my PB/DOS EXE's. I do not
    recall having this problem when using strings in the OBJ subs/functions, and
    I am quite sure that at least some of my EXE's also used PBU subs/functions
    that also used strings. So, the question NOW is, can anybody think of
    anything in my setup that may cause this "new" OBJ/PBU problem? If needed,
    I can post my full include-in-all-BAS-files INC file (it is also included in
    the PBU BAS files). The INC file is nothing but all of the DECLARE's,
    TYPE definitions, equates definitions, etc. It also includes all of the
    metastatement settings. I have made a number of changes in my "master"
    setup over the past 8 months, and cannot coherently recall anything
    that would stand out as causing this current problem with OBJ files.


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      Problem resolved! The problem WAS caused by something-or-other in my
      metastatement usage in my include-in-all-BAS-files INC file.
      What I did that fixed it was to move the metastatements into two INC
      files, one for EXE's and one for PBU's. Then, in the PBU one, I
      stripped out all statements that I figured only needed to be
      set in the main EXE. Then I recompiled. Works like a champ, now!