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  • Question About PB/DOS

    Has PB, Inc. made a firm decision on whether it will or will not
    come out with a PB/DOS upgrade? I am not looking for a beginning work/release
    date, as I do not want to violate your "no vaporware" policy.
    All I am looking for is "yes," "no," or "undecided."


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    I saw somewhere on this BBS that PB is, indeed, going to release
    at least one more PB/DOS upgrade. Can't remember where I saw it
    tho. I, for one, am really looking forward to it but due to their
    "no vaporware" policy......

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      Thanks, Mel, very much. Now that I have confirmation, I will forego
      recreating my OBJ/PBU files that added LFN disk file support to my PB/DOS
      EXE's. Mr. Hanlin believes that that might very well be natively
      supported in the next release. At this time, I have no need for LFN
      support. 'Sides, it'd be easy to create them as PBU's if I did
      develop need for them. I long ago stopped using OBJ files for pretty
      much everything except the fundamental ASM subs/functions, because
      string handling in MASM-created OBJ files is such a pain. With PBU's,
      it's easy to do because a person can combine BASIC/ASM functionalities.
      The thing I REALLY look forward to in the next upgrade is support
      for more modern CPU's in its inline assembler. It is the very anachronistic
      inline assembler support in the current release that has me still doing some stuff
      as OBJ files. The MASM 6.14 OBJ-compiler can go all the way up to
      and including support for 486/387 ASM opcodes. But, even with the
      antiquated inline assembler, there is still a workaround, which is to embed
      unsupported opcodes/addressing modes as ! db statements. But, that's such
      a pain in a large ASM PBU, because you have to constantly go back and forth to
      the Intel PDF's to look up the opcodes/addressing.

      Anyway, sorry for rambling. <grin>

      Did you get the e-mail I sent to you?



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        clay, if you need lfn in your dos programs, check out:

        as noted, this will not work in a pure dos environment. it will
        work only in a windows dos window.

        e-mail: yup. thanks.

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        There are no atheists in a fox hole or the morning of a math test.
        If my flag offends you, I'll help you pack.