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  • More Windows XP Console Woes

    Done a search of these forums and studied all the various
    problems & solutions regarding 2000/XP console issues. On the XP
    test box I was given by our IT department nothing seems to work
    in terms of getting full screen mode to work with either 16 bit
    DOS programs or 32 bit console mode windows programs. Tried the
    Screen 12, Screen 0 thing, adjusting properties of the
    Dos/Console box, etc. On the up side all my various DOS & 32 bit
    console programs work fine in a Window. I guess what it boils
    down to is that I like to use my DOS programming editors (PB35,
    etc.) full screen instead of in a window.

    My question is this: Has anyone else found any XP boxes that
    won't function in full screen mode? From what I was able to
    gleen from past forum discussions it sounds like everyone was
    eventually able to get full screen to work through some kind of
    minor tinkering with properties, a few extra lines of code, etc.


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    I use to have a problem with PB3.5 and column 62, and 63. I changed to an Nivida
    card and the problem has gone away. You might see if the sys admin has turned
    on policies. I personally have never had a problem with XP going full screen
    using alt + tab.



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      Shouldn't that be ALT+ENTER?

      In any case, the graphics card/display must support the screen mode desired. While that generally doesn't preclude text mode, some laptop displays do have unusual restrictions on full-screen text mode because the display resolution makes it difficult to completely fill the screen without obvious/visible distortion.

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        Yep your are right, I was explaining to a customer how to switch screens using the
        alt + tab, and wrote that instead of alt + enter.