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  • Error 70

    I'm trying to run a DOS program on Windows 2000 Workstation.

    The program relies on getting an error 70 (Permission denied)

    On the DOS only box the error is returned almost instantly, however under Windows it takes 4-5 seconds

    This is causing massive speed problems and I was wondering is there is a reason for this?


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    You have to remember that windows is a multi-tasking system.
    Your program only has a small slice of time before windows
    puts a hold on it and goes off to do other things. I would
    suggest closing all unnecessary apps and the speed will probably
    increase a little.

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      Timeslicing should not have conspicuous impact. There may be a network
      or local setting you can change to affect the file timeout period. Does
      the problem appear with local files, or with files shared from other

      Tom Hanlin
      PowerBASIC Staff


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        Only with shared files. I have a drive map of z:

        If I run the program on the main server then there is no delay, it's only on the clients