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textured triangles????

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  • Clay Clear
    On second thought, you better not send me the source code for me
    to try to convert/compile. I just realized that doing so would probably
    violate the author's copyright license.



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  • Clay Clear

    If you do not get any replies that directly help you, if you want,
    you can send me the ASM source code, and I can TRY to get it to
    compile with my copy of MASM 6.14. I say "try" because I have never, ever
    used qbasic before, so I do not know if I will be able to interpret/translate
    the language syntax. What I do know is that the OBJ files created
    by MASM 6.14 are useable by PB/DOS, which is why I use it. Keep in mind
    that the MASM 6.14 directly uses ASM source code - that is why
    my lack of knowledge of qbasic syntax might not let me port your
    source code for you. The only other ASM languages I have used have
    been the inline assembler for the PB compilers.

    Anyway, sorry for rambling. My e-mail adx is below. I will delete it
    after two days (so spammers can't find it).

    <e-mail adx deleted>

    P.S. There will not be any charge to you for this. Other forums members
    have helped me MANY times, so I repay the favor by helping others,
    when I can.


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    started a topic textured triangles????

    textured triangles????

    hello,does anyone know of a lib for pb for dos that has a textured triangle routine
    and one more quiky,is there a way to use object files from another lib?
    i have the asm source and object files from dirctqb for qbasic,is there a way i can use these???

    if anyone out there has a private sub or lib with those cappabilities id be more than happy to pay for it,

    any help would be greatly appreciated,thany you.