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Is there a way to create Windows shortcuts from PowerBASIC 3.2 for DOS?

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  • Is there a way to create Windows shortcuts from PowerBASIC 3.2 for DOS?

    If there is any conceivable way to make Windows shortcuts from
    PowerBASIC for DOS, I figured this would be the best place to
    ask. Does anyone have any ideas that do not involve external
    programs or scripts? Thanks in advance.

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    Right-click > New > Shortcut

    or did you want to install a shortcut from within, like, an
    install program?

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      There are some API commands that work and a few sites have links
      to the unofficial file structure that may or may not work like:

      I've always hated shortcuts on the recent OSs as they store network
      data and all kinds of stupid stuff so when you create it it may
      try to read it through the network and/or access the machine it was
      created on. I've even had them act like they store icons on some
      systems where I clear the icon cache, reboot, etc and they still
      show a wrong icon. I wish MS would publish an official format
      and how to just use it for basic physical locations with no network

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        From your DOS program you can SHELL a Windows program which uses the 'approved' method of shortcut-creation. Just pass it some parameters.

        Yes, I know this violates your "no external programs" requirements, but that restriction is IMA totally without merit: If you want to have an MS-DOS program doing Windows 'things' it seems reasonable your application will require some DOS components and some Windows components.

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          What Windows program did you have in mind that uses the approved method of shortcut creation, to which one might shell the parameters? Could you post an example please?

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            Search, words "create" and "shortcut", all words, all forums, subject only, all dates.

            I found eleven, which you'd have to modify to accept command-line arguments to make a command-line utility. (Or maybe not, maybe one or more are already set up this way, I didn't look that closely.)

            If you don't have a PN/Windows or PB/CC license, maybe some kind soul will compile one for you.

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